Blue's Golduck

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Blue's Golduck
グリーンのゴルダック Green's Golduck
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Blue Golduck.png
Blue's Golduck
Debuts in A Tale of Ninetales
Caught at Kanto
Evolves in Prior to A Tale of Ninetales
Gender Male
Ability Cloud Nine
Nature Serious
Traded in A Tale of Ninetales*
Original Trainer Blue
Traded for Red's Poli, Saur, and Pika*
Current location With Blue
HOME054.png HOME055.png
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of chapters as Psyduck.

Blue's Golduck (Japanese: グリーンのゴルダック Green's Golduck) is a Pokémon that Blue owns in Pokémon Adventures and his third overall. As of A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities, he is at level 88, and his Characteristic is that he "loves to eat."


Red, Green & Blue arc

Golduck after spending time with Red

Blue obtained Golduck as a Psyduck and evolved him sometime prior to A Tale of Ninetales. He first appeared in A Tale of Ninetales, when Golduck was accidentally traded to Red alongside Blue's other Pokémon. During the three days that Red had them, he attempted to get them to relax and open up to him, with little success. They later traded back, while keeping the caring attitude that Red instilled in them.

In Peace of Mime, Golduck teamed up with Pika in order to break into Saffron City. Pika uses his Substitute to get past the barrier and Golduck used Confusion to pass the information back to their Trainers. Inside the city, Pika ran into the one who created the barrier, a Mr. Mime. Despite Mr. Mime's evasive attempts, a coordinated Thunderbolt from Pika successfully defeats the Barrier Pokémon, lifting the barrier.

Yellow arc

Golduck using telepathy to transfer Blue's thoughts to the Pokédex

In a flashback shown in Growing Out of Gengar, Golduck helped Blue in his battle against Agatha, where he channeled Blue's thoughts to his Pokédex to communicate with Evan while he was trapped in a Dream Eater attack and had to distract her Gengar.

In Weezing Winks Out, Golduck fought against Agatha, using his Confusion attack to defeat her and her Arbok. In Striking Golduck, Golduck was called out to fight Agatha's Gengar but was quickly defeated after his opponent launched an attack from the shadows.

Golduck and Blue

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

In Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents, Golduck was used alongside Porygon2 in a Double Battle against Snor and Gyara. Gyara started the battle off with his Ability Intimidate, and Blue responded by having Golduck use Iron Tail and Porygon2 use Tri Attack on Red's Pokémon. Red then had Gyara counterattack with Body Slam on Porygon2, while Snor attacks Golduck with Strength. Gyara next uses Hyper Beam on Golduck, and Golduck uses Dig to hide and avoid further damage. Red countered by having Snor use Earthquake, dealing damage to Porygon2, twice the damage to Golduck due to him being underground, which caused him to faint, and Gyara being unaffected due to him being part Flying-type.

In Storming the Forretress, after Giovanni was defeated and Carr sent the airship containing him, his son, his loyal subordinates, and enemies crashing, Golduck and Blasty used Hydro Pump to try to keep the airship in place with Rhydon using Megahorn. However, ultimately, it was Mew who saved it from crashing.

Emerald arc

In The Final Battle VII, Golduck appeared alongside the rest of Blue's team when he was checking to make sure they all survived the petrification caused by Mewtwo and Darkrai.

Personality and characteristics

Like most of Blue's Pokémon, Golduck is serious, calm, and focused. He is very loyal to his Trainer and gives everything he has in battle. However, he is usually used as support in battle to help his team gain the advantage, and he rarely takes a huge offensive approach. He is often used by Blue for his Psychic powers, which are utilized by the Pokédex.

Moves used

Blue Golduck Tail Whip.png
Using Tail Whip
Blue Golduck Dig.png
Using Dig
Move First Used In
Surf  What a Dragonite
Confusion Peace of Mime
Tail Whip Lapras Lazily
Hydro Pump  Lapras Lazily
Hyper Beam Lapras Lazily
Iron Tail  Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents
Dig  Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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