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PS027 : Kalling Kadabra
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS029 : Go for the Golbat
Peace of Mime
VS バリヤード
VS Barrierd
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 28 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 28 in The Impassable Mr. Mime
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 28 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures

Peace of Mime (Japanese: VS バリヤード VS Barrierd) is the 28th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Pallet Town, Blue confirms with Red that Saffron City is the final battleground between them and Team Rocket. Red gasps, suddenly remembering the Pokémon he gave to Professor Oak using Bill's transporter. Quickly accessing Vee's data on Professor Oak's computer, he's devastated to find out that he's missing. Blue checks the computer in turn, finding it curious that his Pokémon haven't been touched at all. He suggests that Red was the reason they attacked Professor Oak's Laboratory in the first place, chastising him for always trying to be the hero.

Red takes immediate offense to this and throws a punch, which Blue catches in his hand. He Red tells to listen, saying that he's going to go deal with Team Rocket himself, and that he needs to stay out of it. Red stammers, and Blue begins to explain his rationale. He begins by saying that he doesn't care about Team Rocket's efforts to buy, sell, and experiment with Pokémon, to which Red interrupts in frustration and begins to tell him off. Blue stares off into the distance for a moment, before posing Red a question. Why would his grandfather bother to build a research center out in Pallet Town, isolated from everything else? Red says nothing, anger still on his face as he stares at Blue with his fists clenched.

Blue suddenly poses Red another question, how come on the day they met, they managed to meet Mew here, of all places? Again, a silence, and Blue answers his own questions, and tells Red to really consider what he's saying. Pallet Town is the one place in the world where Pokémon aren't threatened by pollution, noting that even the town's name makes reference to an artist's palette, a blank slate. A pure, pristine environment, until Team Rocket came. Blue mounts Charizard as he finishes his point, saying that whoever hurts his town and his grandfather needs to answer to him as well, and takes off, again telling Red to stay out of it. Red is left alone, and calls on Aero, saying that he deserves the chance to protect his home town just as much as Blue does.

Back in Saffron City, Blue is again trying to penetrate the barrier, testing its strength. Proving itself to be just as durable as before, he figures there must be a weak spot somewhere if it's truly a single Pokémon projecting something so large. Red arrives on the scene and immediately orders a Hyper Beam, not even leaving a dent. Recalling when Blue said there's no way through, he laments the thought that he might have been right. Red suddenly comes to the same conclusion as Blue, catching sight of each other as they're both making their way to the top of the barrier. As they bicker, neither of them notice Green watching them, amused at the two boys' relationship.

Red and Blue are now both attacking the barrier at once from different places, concluding that any angle of attack is equally as ineffective. Blue comes back to the ground, concluding that if there's no way to break through physically, they need a Psychic approach, and sends out Golduck. Using Confusion, he asks Golduck to scan the barrier and find where the Trainer and their Pokémon are. He channels Golduck's thoughts to his Pokédex, allowing his thoughts to display on the screen.

Suddenly, he gets a vision of two Team Rocket Grunts flanking a Mr. Mime, intense focus visible on its face. Able to identify the barrier as a Light Screen, he's also able to ascertain their location, directly outside the Silph Co. building, content at least in knowing who and where his enemy is. Red is overwhelmed in jealousy, frustrated that Blue was able to figure something out. Coming up with his own plan, he sends out Pika, sending Substitute's energy clone past the barrier into the streets of the city. Both Trainers are stuck, Red unable to locate the enemy, and Blue unable to find a way inside.

Green floats above them on Jiggly and tells them to work together, waggling her finger and accuses them of treating everything like a video game. Red and Blue both reveal their progress to the other, and they come to agreement on a plan. Golduck transmits the psychic data to Pika, letting him know where he needs to go. As Mr. Mime is on the move, Blue has Golduck give Pika constant updates on its location. Meeting in an alleyway, Pika beings to attack as Mr. Mime starts fading away, Golduck losing focus on the vision. Refocusing, they have just enough time for Pika to strike with a Thunderbolt, knocking out Mr. Mime and causing the Light Screen to start dissipating. Red takes some time to cheer, quickly running after Blue as he takes a head start. Meanwhile Green is pleased with herself, letting the two boys take care of the problem for her so she can still get what she's after.

Blue runs for the Silph Co. building as Red pursues him, eager to find out who he needs to fight. Watching them from above, Lt. Surge smugly answers Blue's question to himself.

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  • The English title of this chapter is based on the phrase "peace of mind".


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PS027 : Kalling Kadabra
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS029 : Go for the Golbat
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