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Peace of Mime
VS バリヤード
VS Barrierd
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 3
Round number 28
Location Pallet Town
Saffron City
Silph Co.
Previous Round Kalling Kadabra
Next Round Go for the Golbat

Peace of Mime (Japanese: VS バリヤード VS Barrierd) is the 28th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Pallet Town, Blue confirms Saffron City is the battleground between them and Team Rocket. Suddenly, Red realizes that the Pokémon he sent to Professor Oak's Laboratory might be in danger. Sure enough, a quick check confirms Red's Eevee to be gone, but Blue's Pokémon are completely untouched. Blue accuses Red of acting the hero and thus jeopardizing the town, before declaring his own resolve for going after Team Rocket: to protect Pallet Town from being tainted by Team's Rocket's operations; the pristine, unspoiled land being the reason why his grandfather had his laboratory here, and why Mew was seen when the boys began their journeys. Warning Red to stay out of the battle, Blue departs on his Charizard, but Red defiantly follows on Aero, determined to defend his own home as well.

Much to the boys' irritation, not only has their respective rival showed up, but the barrier over Saffron City proves itself to be completely impenetrable regardless of where they attack it. As Green watches them, Blue uses his Golduck to transmit visuals to his Pokédex by scanning the city psychically. He eventually identifies the barrier as a Light Screen created by a Mr. Mime outside Silph Co. headquarters. Red attempts to one-up Blue by having Pika use Substitute, sending in an energy clone past the barrier, but neither Trainer is able to continue. The standstill ends as Green teases the boys, suggesting that they cooperate instead of compete with each other, a suggestion the boys concede to. As Golduck scans the city, Blue instructs the Duck Pokémon to pass its information onto Pika's Substitute, and despite Mr. Mime's evasive attempts, a coordinated Thunderbolt from Pika successfully faints the Barrier Pokémon. The barrier lifts, allowing Blue to rush into the city with Red in tow, while Green gloats to herself on how she managed to get what she wanted with the boys doing the work for her.

Charging along the streets, Blue demands for his opponent to show themselves, while Lt. Surge watches them from the Silph Co. building.

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  • The English title of this round is based on the phrase "peace of mind".


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