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ぷりり Puriri
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Green's Wigglytuff
Debuts in Tauros the Tyrant
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Give It Your Best, Blastoise
Gender Female
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Lax
Current location With Green
HOME039.png HOME040.png
This Pokémon spent 272 chapters as Jigglypuff.

Jiggly (Japanese: ぷりり Puriri) is a Wigglytuff that Green owns in Pokémon Adventures and her starter Pokémon. She is at level 77 and her Characteristic is that she has a "sturdy body."


Red, Green & Blue arc

As a Jigglypuff

Jiggly has been with Green since childhood, when she was a Jigglypuff. She was one of two Pokémon Green was known to have while she lived with the Masked Man. Jiggly would eventually help Green and Silver escape from the Masked Man, allowing them to start a new life.

Jiggly, as Jigglypuff, first appeared in Tauros the Tyrant carrying Green and Red away from a group of Team Rocket Grunts who had come to retrieve the disc on the phantom Pokémon, Mew, which she stole from them earlier. After neither side succeeded in capturing Mew, and it had seemed Green had come to her senses and handed Red the Badges she stole, she was seen again taking flight for her as she said goodbye. However, as it turned out, the tricky girl had deceived Red again and gave him fake copies, which she would not reveal until the Silph Co. incident.

In A Little Kadabra'll Do It, Jiggly and Clefy disrupted Sabrina's psychic powers with Growl and Sing, as the sound-based attacks disrupted her focus. As the illusion vanished, Green decided that she could not fight the Gym Leader and her powers, and leaves the room with Sabrina's Marsh Badge.

Jiggly in the Pokémon League

In Just a Spearow Carrier, during the fight against Dr. O in the semifinals of the Pokémon League, Jiggly was the first Pokémon sent out against his Spearow, where Green conceitedly pronounced her "win" after hitting it with a Tri Attack; but it would strike right back with a Fury Attack. In retaliation, Jiggly used Sing, but the bird Pokémon was simply too high up for her attack to reach, and would deftly avoid the Tri-Attacks Jiggly used. Green then switched to Blasty and used an aerial Hydro Pump, but eventually lost to Spearow's Mirror Move. Afterwards, Oak questioned her for her theft of the former Squirtle, and after accepting her apology, handed her the third copy of the Pokédex.

Yellow arc

In Playing Horsea, Jiggly flew Green, Yellow, and Bill onto Cerise Island, where Horsea's Smokescreen was used in conjunction with Jiggly's flight for camouflage.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

The Moon Stone Jiggly used to evolve

In Now You See Me..., Jiggly battled Organism No. 1 alongside the rest of Green's team. Due to the DNA Pokémon's speed and invisibility Green's Pokémon are quickly overwhelmed.

In Meet Deoxys, and Deoxys, and Deoxys, and..., Jiggly and Clefy protect Green's parents from Organism No. 2's clones while the Pokédex holders try to fight them off.

In Give It Your Best, Blastoise, Jiggly is seen alongside Green's other Pokémon attempting to free Mewtwo from its M2 Bind. Saur, Blue's Charizard, and Blasty use their most powerful elemental attacks at once, and to ensure maximum power, Green evolves Jiggly to Wigglytuff alongside Snubbull and Nido, who became Granbull and Nidoqueen respectively, allowing them to provide greater support for the Shellfish Pokémon's Hydro Cannon. They then teamed up to corner the remnants of Organism No. 2's clones.

Emerald arc

In The Final Battle VII, Jiggly appeared alongside the rest of Green's team when she was checking to make sure they all survived the petrification caused by Mewtwo and Darkrai.

Personality and characteristics

As Jiggly is the first Pokémon Green ever acquired, she is a fairly strong battler. However, she is more often seen transporting Green around by inflating herself, as before the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Green was intensely afraid of birds. Her ability to swell like hot air balloons came in handy during Green's escape with Silver when she pretended to be a wall the two hid in as though it was a dead end. Jiggly is a very relaxed and docile Pokémon and tends to adapt well to whatever is going on around her.

Moves used

Jiggly Sing.png
Using Sing as a Jigglypuff
Jiggly Tri Attack.png
Using Tri Attack as a Jigglypuff
Move First Used In
Sing  A Little Kadabra'll Do It
Tri Attack Just a Spearow Carrier
Disable Just a Spearow Carrier
Double-Edge  The Escape*
Double Slap  The Escape*
Defense Curl  The Escape*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ぷりり Puriri From プリン Purin
English, Italian, Spanish,
Czech, Brazilian Portuguese
Jiggly From Jigglypuff
French Doudou From Rondoudou
Chinese (Mandarin) 小胖丁 Xiǎo Pàngdīng* From 胖丁 Pàngdīng
胖丁丁 Pàngdīngdīng* From 胖丁 Pàngdīng
Vietnamese Puriri Transliteration of Japanese name

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