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PS026 : Holy Moltres
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS028 : Peace of Mime
Kalling Kadabra
VS ユンゲラー
VS Yungerer
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 27 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 27 in The Impassable Mr. Mime
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 27 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Kalling Kadabra (Japanese: VS ユンゲラー VS Yungerer) is the 27th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Outside Saffron City, Green pleads with one of the guards to be let into the city, but is refused from all four entrances. Later, Blue experiences the same problem, deciding to circumvent the issue by having his Charizard use Fly to lift him into the city from above. He snaps a photo of the city, noting that nothing seems to be happening inside anyways.

Suddenly he bumps into Green, who has taken to the sky as well by holding onto Jiggly as she floats. Green is wearing her modified Silph Scope seen previously as she catches sight of Blue, asking for his name. Blue ignores her and begins having Charizard descend down. Before Green's warning can reach him, he slams into a massive invisible wall surrounding the city, which is being produced by a Psychic Pokémon. Blue pauses, thinking for a moment on the strength on such a Pokémon, before he orders Charizard to attack the barrier, to no effect. Green offers to team up with Blue, but he turns and leaves, instead going to seek advice from Professor Oak.

Meanwhile, on Route 21, Red has almost reached Pallet Town on Gyara's back, eager to give Professor Oak a visit. Walking through the small town, Red is struck by how quiet everything seems. Reaching Professor Oak's Laboratory, he rings the doorbell, slowly opening the door himself after receiving no response. Noticing Professor Oak standing near the back of the lab, Red is happy to finally see a familiar face, starting to have become put off by the strange silence. A smile on his face, he tells him that work on the Pokédex has been going great, but he's been having trouble entering Saffron City. As he begins to ask for advice, Professor Oak suddenly turns around and strikes towards Red, who is barely able to get out of the way.

Shocked, Red is able to dodge another attack and quickly sends out Saur to bind him with his vines, but he's able to effortlessly rip away the vines and strikes Saur with a Psybeam. Red himself is then struck by another Psychic attack, leaving him to conclude that whatever is pretending to be Professor Oak must actually be a Pokémon. Commanding out a Leech Seed, he tries sucking out the Pokémon's energy, which quickly reveals itself to be a Kadabra. Suddenly a voice speaks to Red, telling him the illusion was caused by Kadabra's Hypnosis.

Suddenly, Sabrina appears in her Team Rocket outfit, calling him a nuisance and asks him to come to Saffron City if he wants to save Professor Oak and the rest of the citizens of Pallet Town. Angered at this revelation, he tries to attack her with Saur's Razor Leaf, but it simply passes right through her, laughing as she bids him farewell, and teleports away. Red is left alone in the lab to wonder over the events that have just taken place, wondering who she was and why she wants him to visit Saffron City. Blue suddenly arrives on his Charizard, not surprised that something appears to have gone wrong.

Blue shows Red the photo he took earlier, showing half a dozen members of Team Rocket present in the city. He wonders what they must be doing there, and Blue tells him about his fruitless attempts to enter past the barrier, concluding that Team Rocket must be using it as their headquarters. Red looks nervous as they both conclude at once that a battle between them and Team Rocket's forces must be waiting for them.

Major events

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The end of Route 8 is described as Saffron City's west entrance; it is actually the east entrance.

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PS026 : Holy Moltres
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS028 : Peace of Mime
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