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The Mobile Stadium data transfer screen in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal

The Mobile Stadium (Japanese: モバイルスタジアム Mobile Stadium) is a now inaccessible online service in the Japanese version of Pokémon Stadium 2 which allowed players to transfer data of timed mobile battles from the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal via the Transfer Pak.

In Crystal, the モバイルスタジアム entry appears on the main menu (which, in the unused English text, was misspelled as "MOBILE STUDIUM") and is accessible after connecting to the Mobile System GB at least once. After transferring the battle data to Stadium 2, it is converted into a video and rendered in full 3D graphics, being watchable via a similar feature in the game. The screen in Stadium 2 plays a rearrangement of the Mobile Center theme from Crystal (Stadium 2 theme, Crystal theme), whereas the screen in Crystal simply keeps playing Title Screen (Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver).

The indirect successor to the Mobile Stadium is the Vs. Recorder, introduced in Pokémon Platinum and present in the subsequent core series games up to Generation VII, which uses the same concept but different means of operation.


This is video footage of a mobile battle from the Mobile Cup 2001 tournament.

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