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イミテ Imite
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blue
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Anime debut Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
English voice actor Megan Hollingshead*
Japanese voice actor Orine Fukushima

Duplica (Japanese: イミテ Imite) is a young girl who works as a performing Pokémon Trainer and impressionist.

Her character was probably based on that of the Copycat, who lives in Saffron City in the games. This is backed up by the fact that the Japanese title of her debut episode refers to her by the phrase Mimic Girl (Japanese: ものまねむすめ), Copycat's Japanese nickname.

In the anime

Ash and his friends first met Duplica in Ditto's Mysterious Mansion after taking shelter from a storm in a mansion. Duplica owned the mansion, called the "The House of Imite", which serves as a rest stop and performance space for her imitation shows. She showed Ash, Misty, and Brock her Ditto's ability to Transform into any Pokémon. A skeptical Ash sent out his Bulbasaur to battle Duplica's Ditto. Surprisingly enough, Bulbasaur lost against the imitation. Duplica then explained that her Ditto had trouble transforming one aspect of it — its face. No matter what Pokémon it transformed into, it always retained the beady eyes and wobbly mouth of a Ditto.

Team Rocket kidnapped the Ditto. They wanted to have Duplica's Ditto transform into a Dratini so they could give it to Giovanni. After a while and with threats, they were able to train it to transform perfectly. Afterwards Ash, his friends and Duplica dressed up as Team Rocket and performed their own version of the trio's motto. They then rescued Ditto, and Duplica felt she was ready to reopen her mansion as a theater to entertain passing Pokémon Trainers.

Later, in Imitation Confrontation, Brock noticed that a Nurse Joy they were talking to was an imitation. It turned out to be Duplica, who had come to the local Johto town for a Pokémon Acting Competition. She had another Ditto, Mini-Dit, with another unique problem — it could transform into perfect miniature replicas of other Pokémon including a tiny, handheld Onix.

Team Rocket stole Mini-Dit and planned to have it transform into a Pokémon that they could pass off as a rare, pygmy version in order to receive a powerful Pokémon in return. Duplica recovered Mini-Dit, using it in a Double Battle against Jessie and James. She and Ash then sent Team Rocket flying. In the end, Duplica decided that Mini-Dit's unusual transformations made it unique; the audience seemed to agree.


Dupica is an avid performer, and her Ditto duo add to her near perfect imitations of characters like Nurse Joy. By the end of Imitation Confrontation, she decided to become a Ditto Master, and collect Ditto with various and unique Transformation abilities. Duplica also proved to be a tough battle opponent and is well aware of the strengths of her Ditto's transformations. She knows the moves of her opponent's Pokémon, and taught Jessie that her Wobbuffet knows Mirror Coat which is great for reflecting any special attacks, while Ash learned that Totodile could use Scary Face.


This listing is of Duplica's Pokémon in the anime.

Duplica's Ditto
Main article: Duplica's Ditto

Duplica's first and main Ditto initially could not alter its face; thanks to Team Rocket's frustrations, it learned to Transform into perfect Pokémon replicas.

Debut Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Voice actors
Japanese Kotono Mitsuishi
English Rachael Lillis
Mini-Dit (Japanese: メタぴょん Meta-pyon) is the second Ditto owned by Duplica. Unlike other Ditto, it cannot alter its size when it Transforms. However, its other powers are all the same as a normal Ditto's.

Mini-Dit's only move is Transform.
Mini-Dit has also used Scary Face*, Tackle*, Counter*, Mirror Coat*, and Thunder* via Transform.

Debut Imitation Confrontation
Voice actors
Japanese Satomi Koorogi
English Rachael Lillis

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 福島おりね Orine Fukushima
English Megan Hollingshead
Finnish Minna Tasanto (EP037)
Jenni Sivonen (EP174) *
German Stephanie Kellner
Hebrew טליה ברקאי Talya Barkai
Italian Ludovica De Caro (K2 dub)
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Olga Borys
Portuguese Brazil Letícia Quinto
Portugal Teresa Madruga (EP037)
Paula Pais (EP174)
Spanish Latin America Mayra Arellano
Spain Sandra Jara (EP037)
Cristina Yuste (EP174)

In the games

Pokémon Zany Cards

Duplica in Pokémon Zany Cards

Duplica appears, along with Casey, as the Stage 3 opponent of Special Seven mode. Duplica's Ditto also appears as a card in Special Seven mode. Playing this card changes the suit of the card to the player's choice.


Pokémon Zany Cards

  • Before battle
"I am Duplica! I aim to be a PKMN master! You must know all PKMN to truly use Ditto. I'll take you anytime!"
  • During battle
  • "If using a card
"I'll go now."
"Here's how to do it."
"I still have a lot."
  • Using Ditto
"My Ditto is too strong!"
  • If drawing a card
"I still have my Ditto."
"No turn for Ditto."
  • Hit
"You use PKMN wisely."
"More cards for me."
  • Hit with Jigglypuff
  • Hit with Reverse
"The rotation changed!"
  • After battle
  • Second or third
"Nice Job!"
  • When defeated
"I've got a lot to learn."

In the manga

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Duplica in the manga

Duplica appears in Pikachu's Excellent Adventure. Her Ditto had grown in its abilities so that it was now able to vary how closely it imitated other Pokémon. It could partially transform into a rubbery, tall version of Machop, for instance.

Misty wanted to get a Ditto of her own, so Duplica offered to take her to Route 13, where she captured hers. Their trip had to be called off after Pikachu got lost, however.


This listing is of Duplica's Pokémon in the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga.

Duplica's Ditto
Main article: Duplica's Ditto

Ditto is Duplica's only known Pokémon. It grew in its abilities to transform into other Pokémon so that it was now successful in completely imitating other Pokémon. One of the Pokémon that it transformed was a Machop.

Debut Pikachu's Excellent Adventure


  • Duplica's first Ditto's habit of not transforming its face was originally presented as an anomaly. However, other Ditto with this trait have been seen in other media, such as the wild Ditto on Pokémon Island in Pokémon Snap. They also transform into the same Pokémon as Ditto did in Duplica's debut episode, a Bulbasaur. Ditto cards in the TCG in which Ditto is seen transformed into another Pokémon also behave in this way. Additionally, in Diamond and Pearl's Veilstone Game Corner, during the Game Corner slot machine game, a Clefairy with a Ditto face will occasionally appear instead of a real Clefairy.
  • Duplica's method of defeating Ash was similar to how Mewtwo's Venusaur defeated Corey's Bruteroot in Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • When dressing up as Ash Ketchum, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Misty, she briefly speaks in their voices. The English dub makes Duplica's impersonation as Nurse Joy perfect, since they shared the same voice actress.
  • Narissa from the Diamond & Pearl series is somewhat similar to Duplica, having two Ditto (with one of them being somewhat special) and cosplaying.
  • She sometimes calls Ash "Ashy-boy", possibly imitating Gary Oak.


Language Name Origin
Japanese イミテ Imite From imitate.
English, Italian, German Duplica From duplicate.
Korean 미미 Mimi From mimic.
Chinese (Mandarin) 伊美蒂 Yīměidì Transliteration of her Japanese name.

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