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This article is about the publications given out at events. For the magazine of the video games, see Magazines in the Pokémon world.
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Pokémon Fan
Pokemon Fan M09.png
Languages: English
United States: 2003 - 2007
Number of issues
United States: 10

Pokémon Fan was a small publication published by Pokémon USA, Inc. that was usually given out at Pokémon events and game releases. It contained information on Pokémon games, anime, trading card game, merchandise, and events.


Video games

The magazine had frequent sections on upcoming and already released games, both mainline games and spin-offs. The mainline game sections typicaly showcased new and returning features of the game along with screenshots and official artwork. The spin-off game sections explained the concept and gameplay of the game and also showcased screenshots and official artwork.

Sections detailing how to obtain certain event Pokémon were also included. The sections detailed how to activate Mystery Gift and download the event Pokémon or item. For event items like the Aurora Ticket and Mystic Ticket they also included a walkthrough detailing how to use the item to encounter the Pokémon.[1][2]

Page from the Winter 2006 issue featuring Munchlax and Weavile

The magazine also occasionally featured sections on newly announced Pokémon, including Deoxys, Munchlax, and Weavile.[3][4] These sections typically showed off official artwork of the Pokémon as well as information on their type(s), ability, forms, and evolution line.


Recurring sections on the Pokémon anime featured information on the then airing seasons of the anime, often featuring descriptions and screenshots of several episodes. Some anime special episodes such as The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon were also given their own section.

The anime movies that were released around the run of the magazine were often given sections that teased the plot of the movie and showcased screenshots and official artwork.


The magazine included information on current and upcoming trading card game sets, as well as information on trading card game events and tournaments including Pokémon League, Pokémon World Championships, Pokémon TCG State ⋅ Province ⋅ Territory Championships, and Pokémon Organized Play.


Frequently the magazine included sections and advertisements for various officially licensed Pokémon merchandise including:

Events and Contests

The magazine also featured frequent sections on upcoming and past real life Pokémon-related events, including:

Sections on a few real life Pokémon-related contests were also featured, including:


Page from the Winter 2006 issue featuring Holly Moela and her Pokémon plushie collection for the "Fan Fare!" section

The recurring "Fan Fare!" and "Famous Fans" sections showcased several different Pokémon fans. The "Fan Fare!" section typically featured children and young adults that the magazine had interviewed about their favorite Pokémon games, Pokémon merchandise collections, and experiences with the series. The "Famous Fans" section featured a number of celebrities and child actors who are Pokémon fans.

The magazine also typically included an "Activity page" section which featured Pokémon-themed crosswords and word searches as well as connect the dots puzzles for various Pokémon.


Cover Issue name Date Distributed
Pokemon Fan 2003.png - 2003
Spring 2004 Spring 2004
Pokemon Fan Summer 2004.png Summer 2004 Summer 2004 Toys "R" Us[5]
Pokemon Fan Fall 2004.png Fall Issue 2004: Deoxys Revealed Fall 2004 Pokémon Rocks America 2004[6]
Summer Issue 2005: GREEN Is Good! Summer 2005
Pokemon Fan XD.png Fall 2005: XD is Here! Fall 2005 San Diego Comic-Con 2005[7]
Pokemon Fan Spring 2006.png Pokémon 10th Anniversary Spring 2006
Pokemon Fan 2006.png 2006
Pokemon Fan M09.png Winter Issue Winter 2006 EB Games
Pokemon Fan Diamond and Pearl.png Pokemon Fan Diamond and Pearl Manaphy.png Special Issue: Get Your Battle On! 2007 GameStop
Toys "R" Us[8]


Name Fall 2005 Spring 2006 Winter 2006 2007
Akira Chiba - - President and CEO President
Blister (blisternyc.com) - Design Group - -
Chris Brixley Creative Director Creative Director Creative Design Team Creative Director
Cris Silvestri Support Staff Support Staff - -
John Hershberger Support Staff Support Staff - -
John Lee Design - - -
Katherine Fang - Assistant Editor Contributing Writer -
Kristina Naudus Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Associate Editor
Lawrence Neves Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief
Maya Nakamura Support Staff Support Staff Licensing Support Staff Licensing Support Staff
Paul Baron - Support Staff - -
Phaedra Kaufman Support Staff Support Staff - -
Rachel Riger - Support Staff - -
Ray Yuen - - Creative Design Team Designer
Simon Schatzmann - Publisher Publisher -
Tony Davis - - - Publisher
Yuko Arai Support Staff - - -


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