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National Bulbagraphic
"National Bulbagraphic, a community-oriented magazine"
National Bulbagraphic banner.png
National Bulbagraphic's logo
Language English
Status Hiatus
Run 2011 - Present
Date opened July, 2011
Creator Bulbagarden
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 28+
Mascot Bulbasaur
Website Bulbagraphic home page on Bulbanews

The National Bulbagraphic is a Pokémon-focused community-oriented online magazine, produced by Bulbagarden. It is hosted on Bulbanews. It was launched on July 15, 2011 and is released monthly with content created by fans worldwide. Its first issue was published in August, 2011. The latest issue of the magazine was released in October 2011.

It is currently on Hiatus due to not enough staff members having enough time to run it.

Head staff

  • Arc Blader — National Bulbagraphic Production Editor
  • evkl — National Bulbagraphic Managing Editor
  • Hurristat — National Bulbagraphic Production Editor
  • RexRacer — Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
  • the dark lord trombonator — Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief


  • Arc Blader
  • Archaic
  • Ben M
  • Blazevoir
  • Charles Laurita
  • CommanderPigg
  • Derier44
  • Evkl
  • GengarEatBanana
  • Hurristat
  • Iteru
  • Ivysaur
  • Lightning Topaz
  • Luna Tiger
  • Musashi
  • Nightcrawler
  • Paperhorse
  • Rutvik
  • Soulweaver
  • Winstein

List of articles

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