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Kail, Kim, and Kai

The Invincible Pokémon Brothers (Japanese: ポケモン最強ブラザーズ Strongest Pokémon Brothers), also called the Three Fighting Brothers (Japanese: カンフー三兄弟 Three Kung fu Brothers) are a trio of brothers from Viridian City that own Fighting-type Pokémon. Their names are Kim (Japanese: ブルース・チャン Chan Bruce), Kai (Khan in Chronicles, Japanese: ブルース・シャン Shan Bruce), and Kail (Kam in Chronicles, Japanese: ブルース・リン Rin Bruce). Kim is the short one, Kai is the fat one and Kail is the tall one. Kim claims that he is the strongest Pokémon Trainer in Virdian City, with Kail and Kai respectively claiming to rank second and third.


Their first appearance was in Gotta Catch Ya Later!. While Misty was wandering around Viridian City trying to collect her thoughts, the brothers spotted an opportunity for a battle. The match soon turned to an unfair three-on-one affair, though Brock, and Ash soon joined in helping to square things up. Ash and his friends went on to defeat the brothers. It was later revealed that the three Fighting Brothers were acquainted with Jessie, James and Meowth of the sinister Team Rocket. They originally agreed to tire the group out in exchange for money; however, the Rocket trio refused to keep their side of the bargain. After Ash and his friends got free from the net Team Rocket trapped them in, they finally blasted Team Rocket and the Fighting Brothers off to defeat them.

They appeared again in Cerulean Blues. In revenge, they planned to sabotage the PIA test Misty took, strip Misty's title of Gym Leader, and take over the Cerulean Gym. They used dirty tactics in their battle against Misty, such as Kim's Hitmonchan faking drowning to draw Misty's Staryu off guard and using three Tentacruel at once on Misty's Corsola, causing them to get disqualified. When they argued that they won "fair and square", Nurse Joy banned them from all official Pokémon matches. In retaliation, the brothers had their three Tentacruel attack Gyarados with Poison Sting, demanding to be declared the winners and have their ban lifted. When Misty dove into the water to take the hits for Gyarados, it was moved by her actions and broke out of the cage to save her. Then, Gyarados blasted the Tentacruel off with Hyper Beam before sending the Invincible Brothers to their same fate with Hydro Pump. They are so far never to be seen again.


The Invincible Pokémon Brothers are incredibly arrogant, claiming to be well-known worldwide and picking on those that they consider to be weaker than themselves. However, beneath these exteriors, they are nothing more than petty cheaters who constantly use dirty tricks and refuse to follow rules. For example, they would have their Pokémon fake being incapacitated and then hit the opponent when their guard is down, even when said opponent was trying to help. Another example is when the battling brother is losing, the other two would send out their Pokémon to gang up on the opponent(s).

The brothers are delusional and self-righteous to the point that they actually believe they are not cheating at all and will even argue that they acted fair and square if their cheating is called out. For example, when Misty called them out for illegally sending out two additional Tentacruel to attack her Corsola in Cerulean Blues, Kim stated that it was a challenge from the Invincible Pokémon Brothers as a whole, disregarding the fact that the match is supposed to be a one-on-one battle. After Nurse Joy disqualified them for the rule violation, they argued back, declaring that they won "fair and square", which resulted in her additionally banning them from all official Pokémon matches for life.

The brothers are capable of great acts of cruelty, such as when they had their Tentacruel attack Misty's Gyarados with Poison Sting in order to try and force Nurse Joy to lift their ban and give them the win, and even more so when Misty dove in to shield Gyarados; not only did they have Tentacruel attack Misty, but they were also amused when she was in danger of drowning. In the end, they became cowardly when they realized that their defeat was inevitable; they panicked and attempted to surrender in a pathetic way, only to be sent blasting off with all of their Pokémon.


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Kim's Hitmonchan
Kim first used his Hitmonchan in Gotta Catch Ya Later! to battle against Misty's Politoed, but was defeated.

Hitmonchan reappeared in Cerulean Blues, where he used him in a battle against Misty's Staryu. As the battle was held in Cerulean Gym's water arena, Hitmonchan pretended to be sinking, but when Staryu was going to help him, he attacked and defeated Staryu. However, because the move was illegal, Misty won the round.

None of Hitmonchan's moves are known.

Debut Gotta Catch Ya Later!
Kim's Tentacruel
Tentacruel was the second Pokémon that Kim used against Misty in Cerulean Blues, sending it out against Misty's Corsola. It was soon joined by Kail and Kai's Tentacruel, and used it in the battle together. They also used their Tentacruel to hurt Gyarados. The Tentacruel were finally blasted away by Gyarados's Hyper Beam.

Kim's Tentacruel's known moves are Bubble Beam, Poison Sting, and Bind*.

Debut Cerulean Blues


Kail's Hitmonlee
Kail's Hitmonlee was seen in Gotta Catch Ya Later!, which he sent out to assist Kim's Hitmonchan in his battle against Misty. However, when Ash and Brock arrived to help Misty, Hitmonlee was taken out by Brock's Forretress and its Rapid Spin.

None of Hitmonlee's moves are known.

Debut Gotta Catch Ya Later!
Kail's Tentacruel
Kail originally sent his Tentacruel to assist Kim and Kai's ones in their battle against Misty's Corsola in Cerulean Blues. It was also used to hurt Gyarados, but was eventually blasted away along with the other Tentacruel by Gyarados's Hyper Beam.

Kail's Tentacruel's known moves are Bubble Beam and Poison Sting.

Debut Cerulean Blues


Kai's Hitmontop
Kai sent his Hitmontop to assist Kim's Hitmonchan and Kail's Hitmonlee in their battle against Misty in Gotta Catch Ya Later!. However, when Ash and Brock arrived to help Misty, Hitmontop was taken out by Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

None of Hitmontop's moves are known.

Debut Gotta Catch Ya Later!
Kai's Tentacruel
Kai originally sent his Tentacruel to assist Kim and Kail's ones in their battle against Misty's Corsola in Cerulean Blues. It was also used to hurt Gyarados, but was eventually blasted away along with the other Tentacruel by Gyarados's Hyper Beam.

Kai's Tentacruel's known moves are Poison Sting and Hydro Pump.

Debut Cerulean Blues

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Kim: 津村まこと Makoto Tsumura
Kai: 肥後誠 Makoto Higo
Kail: 高橋裕吾 Yugo Takahashi
English Kim: Sean Schemmel
Kai: Greg Abbey
Kail: Marc Thompson
Finnish Kim: Joonas Suominen
Kai: Arto Nieminen
Kail: Juha Paananen
European French Kim: Alexandre Crépet
Norwegian Kim: Even Rasmussen
Kai: Tommy Karlsen
Kail: Trond Teigen
Polish Kim: Ireneusz Machnicki
Kai: Mikołaj Klimek
Kail: Aleksander Gawek
Brazilian Portuguese Kim: Francisco Freitas (EP273)
European Spanish Kim: Pablo Tribaldos (EP273) / Pablo Sevilla (HS02)
Kai: Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr. (EP273) / Juan Antonio Soler (HS02)
Kail: Miguel Ángel Garzón (EP273) / Jorge Saudinós (HS02)


  • Their Japanese surnames are a reference to Bruce Lee.
    • Also, one of their Pokémon's name is based on Bruce Lee.
  • Similar to how Jackson's name was changed to Vincent and Eusine's name to Eugene, Kail and Kai's names were also (possibly accidentally) changed for Pokémon Chronicles.

Names in other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish De uovervindelige Pokémonbrøder
Finland Flag.png Finnish Voittamattomat Pokémon-veljekset
Norway Flag.png Norwegian De uovervinnelige Pokémonbrødrerne
Poland Flag.png Polish Nigdy Niepokonani Bracia Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish De oslagbara Pokémonbröderna

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