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Full Court
フルコート Full Court
Full Court.png
Full Court
Region Unova
Debut Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice

(Japanese: フルコート Full Court) is an anime-exclusive location in Unova. It is one of the settings of Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

Full Court is an abandoned mine, complete with train tracks and industrial buildings, located within a mountain crater. It is generally kept shaded from the sun, thanks to its large and jagged rock walls. The dark and cold environment make it a perfect home for Kyurem and some Cryogonal. The area is surrounded by pine forests and lies some distance from Roshan City.

Keldeo first arrived at Full Court, hoping to defeat Kyurem in a battle and become inducted as a Sword of Justice. Kyurem's sheer size and power proved overwhelming, and Keldeo was forced to flee while the Swords of Justice were frozen in place. Keldeo eventually returned with Ash and Pikachu to redeem itself and save its friends. Though Keldeo and Ash succeeded in saving the Swords of Justice, the second battle caused the entire area to collapse. Fortunately, Kyurem froze it and turned Full Court into an ice castle for it to live in.

Pokémon seen in Full Court

Black Kyurem anime.png
Cryogonal anime.png


  • This location is based on Monterrey, Mexico, which was a location visited by the film producers before the film's production. The producers were inspired by a large steelworks industry, which they thought would combine interestingly with Kyurem's iciness.[1]


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