Astilbe Town

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Astilbe Town
アスチルベタウン Astilbe Town
Astilbe Town.png
Astilbe Town
Region Unova
Debut Evolution by Fire!

Astilbe Town (Japanese: アスチルベタウン Astilbe Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region that appeared in Evolution by Fire!. It is a village located between the cities of Mistralton City and Icirrus City, and it lies directly outside of Twist Mountain.

The town has a Battle Club, where Ash met the former Trainer of his Tepig, Shamus and battled him as well.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アスチルベタウン Astilbe Town From the flower genus Astilbe.
English Astilbe Town Same as Japanese name.
German Prachtspiere From Prachtspieren (astilbe)
Italian Villaggio delle Astilbe Same as Japanese name.
Korean 아스틸베마을 Astilbe Ma-eul From its Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 彩穗蓬花鎮 Cǎisuìpénghuā Zhèn From 彩穗蓬花 cǎisuìpénghuā, astilbe.

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