Colossus Ruins

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Colossus Ruins
巨神の遺跡 Colossus Ruins
Colossus Ruins.png
Colossus Ruins
Region Unova
Debut Raid Battle in The Ruins!

The Colossus Ruins (Japanese: 巨神遺跡 Colossus Ruins) are an anime-exclusive location found in the Desert Resort in the Unova region. It first appeared in Raid Battle in The Ruins!.

The stone tablet featuring the ruin emblem
The hidden chamber of gold

The Colossus Ruins are a newly discovered set of ruins linked to an ancient city. They come with puzzles for explorers to solve if they want to the face the Colossus. The ruins are filled with traps, including doors in the floor, rolling boulders, and sections of wall that threaten to hit passersby. They are triggered whenever a plate with a symbol, similar to the ones on a Golurk, is pressed.

Ash and Goh visited the Colossus Ruins, meeting Kira and the leader of the ruins excavation team along the way. As Ash and Goh traveled through the ruins, they encountered a collection of Pokémon along the way, with Goh catching a Sandile, while Ash tried to catch a Woobat, only to step into a trap before he could do so. Exploring the ruins, Ash, Goh, and Kira found a room with two Cofagrigus that had trapped Shane Seeker and his Psyduck. They were able to free them, warding off the Cofagrigus in the process.

The group soon reached a large hall where they worked together to solve a puzzle that uncovered the Colossus, which was revealed to be a giant Golurk. The group engaged in a Raid Battle against the Golurk, and after it was defeated, Goh was able to catch it. Finishing their exploration, they came across a chamber made of pure gold.

The ruins reappeared in Trial on a Golden Scale!. Ash and Goh returned there in the hopes of finding a Volcarona for Goh's Project Mew Trial Mission. However, the excavation team leader told them that Pokémon hunters had recently disturbed the Volcarona, so they had stopped coming to the ruins. He showed them a carving of Volcarona in the chamber of gold and directed them to an abandoned mine town nearby to find the Sun Pokémon.

Pokémon seen at Colossus Ruins

Goh Sandile.png
Colossus Ruins Woobat.png
Colossus Ruins Yamask.png
Colossus Ruins Cofagrigus.png
Cofagrigus (×2)
Goh Golurk.png
Golurk (giant)


In other languages

Language Title
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Kolosální ruiny
Finland Flag.png Finnish Titaanin rauniot
France Flag.png European French Ruines du Colosse
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine del Colosso
Poland Flag.png Polish Ruiny Kolosa
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ruínas do Colosso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas del Coloso

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