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If you were looking for the area in Pokémon Picross, see Pokémon Picross Stages.
Area 28
エリア28 Area 28
Area 28.png
Area 28
Region Unova
Debut A UFO for Elgyem!

Area 28 (Japanese: エリア28 Area 28) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. It exists along Route 4 and is notorious for UFO sightings.

Professor Icarus lived there after he quit his job as a university professor in order to work on ways to manipulate dark matter. It was also where he encountered Elgyem, a Pokémon considered to be extraterrestrial.

Area 28 is largely desert, with one diner and Professor Icarus's laboratory the main points of interest.

Pokémon seen in Area 28

Icarus Elgyem.png


  • Area 28's name is a spoof of Area 51, which is often the subject of UFO speculation. Its setting is also based on the real world location.

In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Alue 28
Germany Flag.png German Areal 28
Italy Flag.png Italian Area 28
Poland Flag.png Polish Strefa 28

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