Dragon Skull

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Dragon Skull
Dragon Bone
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Dragon Skull
Obtain sprite from Generation V
Introduced in Generation V
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The Dragon Skull (Japanese: ドラゴンのホネ Dragon Bone) is a Key Item introduced in Generation V. It is the skull of a Dragon-type Pokémon that belongs to the Nacrene Museum, and seems to be from a Dragonite.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


Team Plasma steals this Dragon Skull from Nacrene Museum after the player earns their Basic Badge. The player confronts the culprit, a Team Plasma Grunt at the far end of Pinwheel Forest, and retrieves the skull, and immediately returns it to Lenora. Because the player obtains and gives away the skull in the same cutscene, they are not able to view it in their Bag.


Games Description
A skull of a Pokémon which was said to have braved the angry waters to fly around the world.
A skull of a Pokémon that was said to have braved the angry waters to fly around the world.
SV The skull of a Pokémon that was said to have braved the raging seas to fly around the world.


Games Method
BW Pinwheel Forest (from the last Team Plasma Grunt after defeating him)

In the manga

The Dragon Fossil in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Black & White arc

In Pokémon Adventures, instead of merely the skull, Team Plasma stole the entire Dragon Fossil in The Mystery of the Missing Fossil, along with several other artifacts from the Nacrene Museum. Black agreed to help find the thieves, and, during his pursuit of the stolen items, encountered Burgh, whom Lenora had also requested to help solve the case. The two soon found the Dragon Fossil at the outskirts of Pinwheel Forest, where it, to their surprise, then began attacking them. Black soon figured out that the ones responsible for the theft were a group of Team Plasma Grunts and Gorm of the Seven Sages, and they were using Gorm's Cofagrigus to control the skeleton. With Burgh's help, Black was able to defeat Cofagrigus. Upon realizing that the skeleton wasn't related to the Legendary Pokémon they were after, Team Plasma retreated, allowing the Dragon Fossil and the other stolen artifacts to be safely returned to the Nacrene Museum.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 龍之骨 Lùhng-jī Gwāt
Mandarin 龍之骨 / 龙之骨 Lóng-zhī Gǔ
France Flag.png French Crâne Dragon
Germany Flag.png German Drakoschädel
Italy Flag.png Italian Teschio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 드래곤의뼈 Dragon-yi Ppyeo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Crán. Dragón
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Bộ xương rồng

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