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Mt. Silver Cave

Mt. Silver, 1F


The first floor is the only part of Mt. Silver that is dark enough to require the use of Flash. Grab the X Accuracy on the southeast platform, then loop around to the west to reach an Escape Rope. On the north end of the next platform is an Ultra Ball. The largest platform opens into a T-intersection to the north; turn left to get a Max Elixer, then go right to reach the opening in the northeast.

Mt. Silver, 2FC


Surf out into the lake, climb the waterfall, and enter the small chamber to find a Max Revive. After that, go north to climb up a triple stairway. Climb the northeast waterfall to reach another small chamber with a Full Restore. Swim back across the lake and enter the opening to the north.


Mt Silver, 3F


Cross the land bridge to meet the strongest opponent in the game, former Champion Red. His is the highest-leveled team of any Trainer, ranging from 73 to 81. To stand a chance against him, it is advisable to raise a team to about level 75. Even with a type advantage, Red's Pokémon won't go down without a fight.

Red's Pikachu is incredibly high-leveled, so its Electric-type moves can deal some serious damage. But even so, it is still vulnerable to Ground-type attacks like Earthquake. Espeon can be dangerous for any Pokémon with low Special Defense, so take it out fast with Ghost- or Dark-type attacks. Snorlax knows Rest and Snore, so it can both heal itself and attack while asleep; use Fighting-type moves like Cross Chop to take down his Normal-type behemoth. Venusaur can't stand extreme heat or cold. Look out for its Sunny Day, which lets it use SolarBeam without charging, and fully restore its health with Synthesis. Charizard is vulnerable to water and electricity, and takes massive damage from Rock-type moves. Lastly, his Blastoise is susceptible to Grass- and Electric-type attacks, but can retaliate with Blizzard.

Defeated, he pauses for a second in stunned silence. Then in the blink of an eye, Red is gone. It is possible to battle him again, by defeating the Elite Four again and returning to the mountaintop. A moment later, the credits roll for the second time.

Having scaled Mt. Silver and defeated the legendary Trainer, the only thing left to do is to complete the Pokédex. Pokémon Gold and Silver brought the total number of Pokémon up to 251, so there is plenty of training left to do!

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