Milos Island

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Milos Island
ミロス島 Milos Island
Milos Island.png
Milos Island
Region Unova
Debut The Lonely Deino!
Milos Island from above

Milos Island (Japanese: ミロス島 Milos Island) is an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. It exists off the coastline of Driftveil City. It was first featured from The Lonely Deino! to A Call for Brotherly Love! as Team Rocket prepared their plan to capture the Kami trio, but it was extensively featured in Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 1 and Part 2, when Ash, Iris and Cilan came to the island.

Milos Island is the home of the Abundant Shrine in the anime where Landorus sleeps. Connected to the island are two smaller islands that house the shrines of Tornadus and Thundurus who also rest peacefully. However their peace was interrupted thanks to Team Rocket's destruction of their shrines. As a result they awoken angrily and began to wreak havoc on the island. Ash, Iris, Cilan and Lewis were able to stop them with the help of Landorus and after that peace returned to the island.

The island is known quite well for the Revival Herb crops that grow there. It often supplies Driftveil's market with the rare herb.

Pokémon seen on Milos Island

Lewis Lilligant.png
Lewis Gothorita.png
Milos Island Patrat Deerling Sawsbuck.png
Milos Island Pidove Blitzle.png
Milos Island Pidove Blitzle.png
Milos Island Cottonee Darumaka Darmanitan.png
Milos Island Basculin Alomomola.png
Milos Island Cottonee Darumaka Darmanitan.png
Milos Island Cottonee Darumaka Darmanitan.png
Milos Island Swanna.png
Milos Island Patrat Deerling Sawsbuck.png
Milos Island Patrat Deerling Sawsbuck.png
Milos Island Basculin Alomomola.png
Tornadus anime.png
Thundurus anime.png
Landorus anime.png


In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ミロス島 Milos Tō From 三 mi (three) and ロス -los (the common suffix for the Kami trio).
English Milos Island Same as Japanese name.
French Île de Milos Same as Japanese name.
German Milos Insel Same as Japanese name.
Italian Isola di Milos Same as Japanese name.
Spanish Isla Milos Same as Japanese name.
Korean 삼로스섬 Samnoseu Seom From 삼 (三) sam and 로스 -roseu (the common suffix for the Kami trio).
Chinese (Mandarin) 三雲島 Sānyún Dǎo Literally "Three clouds island". Also from 雲 -yún (the common suffix for the Kami trio).
Polish Wyspa Milos Same as Japanese name.

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