Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory (Battrio)

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Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory
伝説&幻 輝ける勝利
Battrio expansion V05 logo.png
Number of pucks 55
Expansion number 023
System version ver. v05
Release date May 17, 2012
Sacred Sword Gathering

Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory (Japanese: 伝説&幻 輝ける勝利) is the fifth Pokemon Battrio V series expansion set, and the twenty-third and final set overall. It features 48 standard pucks, plus seven 'bridge pucks' that can be used both with Pokémon Battrio and the upcoming Pokémon Tretta arcade game.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
v05-001 Reshiram Fire V
v05-002 Zekrom Electric V
v05-003 Kyurem Ice Fourth
v05-004 Victini Psychic Triple
v05-005 Volcarona Bug Triple
v05-006 Thundurus Electric Double
v05-007 Darkrai Dark Single
v05-008 Lugia Flying Single
v05-009 Ho-Oh Fire Single
v05-010 Articuno Ice Single
v05-011 Zapdos Electric Single
v05-012 Moltres Fire Single
v05-013 Landorus Ground Double
v05-014 Arceus Full-Plate Single
v05-015 Dialga Steel Single
v05-016 Palkia Water Single
v05-017 Giratina Dragon Single
v05-018 Giratina Ghost Single
v05-019 Jirachi Steel Single
v05-020 Tornadus Flying Double
v05-021 Kyogre Water Single
v05-022 Groudon Ground Single
v05-023 Rayquaza Dragon Single
v05-024 Manaphy Water Single
v05-025 Shaymin Grass Single
v05-026 Shaymin Grass Single
v05-027 Phione Water Single
v05-028 Virizion Fighting Double
v05-029 Cresselia Psychic Single
v05-030 Latias Psychic Single
v05-031 Latios Psychic Single
v05-032 Uxie Psychic Single
v05-033 Mesprit Psychic Single
v05-034 Azelf Psychic Single
v05-035 Cobalion Fighting Double
v05-036 Mewtwo Psychic Single
v05-037 Mew Psychic Single
v05-038 Deoxys Psychic Single
v05-039 Raikou Electric Single
v05-040 Entei Fire Single
v05-041 Suicune Water Single
v05-042 Terrakion Fighting Double
v05-043 Regigigas Normal Single
v05-044 Heatran Fire Single
v05-045 Celebi Psychic Single
v05-046 Regirock Rock Single
v05-047 Regice Ice Single
v05-048 Registeel Steel Single
Snivy Grass
Tepig Fire
Oshawott Water
Snivy Grass
Tepig Fire
Oshawott Water
Pichu Electric

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