Endless Fierce Battle (Battrio)

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Endless Fierce Battle
Battrio expansion 16 logo.png
Number of pucks 60
Expansion number 16
Release date September 30, 2010
Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon
Great Gathering of Legendary & Mirage Pokémon! Explosive Double Moves

The Endless Fierce Battle Collection (Japanese: 終わりなき激戦編) is the eighth Pokemon Battrio 0 series expansion set, and the sixteenth overall. It features 55 standard pucks, plus five special pucks.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
16-001 Arceus Full-PlateNormal Master
16-002 Dialga SteelDragon Master
16-002☆ Dialga SteelDragon Master
16-003 Palkia WaterDragon Master
16-003☆ Palkia WaterDragon Master
16-004 Giratina GhostDragon Master
16-004☆ Giratina GhostDragon Master
16-005 Celebi GrassPsychic Master
16-006 Charizard FlyingFire Hyper
16-007 Blastoise Water Hyper
16-008 Venusaur Grass Hyper
16-009 Meganium Grass Hyper
16-010 Typhlosion Fire Hyper
16-011 Feraligatr Water Hyper
16-012 Sceptile Grass Hyper
16-013 Swampert GroundWater Hyper
16-014 Blaziken FightingFire Hyper
16-015 Empoleon WaterSteel Hyper
16-016 Infernape FireFighting Hyper
16-017 Torterra GrassGround Hyper
16-018 Espeon Psychic Super
16-019 Espeon Psychic Super
16-020 Umbreon Dark Super
16-021 Umbreon Dark Super
16-022 Glaceon Ice Super
16-023 Glaceon Ice Super
16-024 Leafeon Grass Super
16-025 Leafeon Grass Super
16-026 Vaporeon Water Super
16-027 Vaporeon Water Super
16-028 Jolteon Electric Super
16-029 Jolteon Electric Super
16-030 Flareon Fire Super
16-031 Flareon Fire Super
16-032 Milotic Water Super
16-033 Milotic Water Super
16-034 Lapras Water Super
16-035 Lapras Water Super
16-036 Rotom ElectricFire Super
16-037 Rotom ElectricFire Super
16-038 Rotom ElectricWater Super
16-039 Rotom ElectricWater Super
16-040 Rotom ElectricIce Super
16-041 Rotom ElectricIce Super
16-042 Rotom ElectricFlying Super
16-043 Rotom ElectricFlying Super
16-044 Rotom ElectricGrass Super
16-045 Rotom ElectricGrass Super
16-046 Lickilicky Normal Super
16-047 Lickilicky Normal Super
16-048 Honchkrow Dark Super
16-049 Honchkrow Dark Super
16-050 Ambipom Normal Super
16-051 Ambipom Normal Super
16-052 Weavile DarkIce Super
16-053 Weavile DarkIce Super
16-054 Vespiquen FlyingBug Super
16-055 Vespiquen FlyingBug Super
01-015 Pikachu Electric Super
16-★ Rotom GhostElectric Special


This was the first and only Battrio expansion to not feature any Normal rarity pucks.

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