Challenging the Myths (Battrio)

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Challenging the Myths
Battrio expansion 13 logo.png
Number of pucks 37
Expansion number 13
System version ver. 3.35
Release date March 18, 2010
Sky-Tearing Rayquaza
Mewtwo Awakening

The Challenging the Myths Collection (Japanese: 神話への挑戦編) is the fifth Pokémon Battrio 0 series expansion set, and the thirteenth overall. It features 36 standard pucks, plus one special puck.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
13-001 Arceus Full-PlateNormal Master
13-002 Dialga Steel Master
13-003 Palkia Water Master
13-004 Lucario Fighting Master
13-005 Regigigas NormalElectric Master
13-006 Raikou Electric Master
13-007 Entei Fire Master
13-008 Suicune WaterIce Master
13-009 Gallade PsychicFighting Hyper
13-010 Roserade Grass Hyper
13-011 Dusknoir GhostIce Hyper
13-012 Gengar PoisonDark Hyper
13-013 Togekiss Normal Hyper
13-014 Cresselia Psychic Hyper
13-015 Salamence FlyingDragon Hyper
13-016 Tyranitar DarkRock Hyper
13-017 Roselia PoisonGrass Super
13-018 Dusclops Ghost Super
13-019 Togetic FlyingNormal Super
13-020 Shelgon DragonNormal Super
13-021 Haunter PoisonGhost Super
13-022 Scizor SteelBug Super
13-023 Manectric Electric Super
13-024 Magcargo RockFire Super
13-025 Lapras IceWater Super
13-026 Piloswine IceGround Super
13-027 Duskull Ghost Normal
13-028 Togepi Normal Normal
13-029 Bagon Dragon Normal
13-030 Gastly PoisonGhost Normal
13-031 Chatot Flying Normal
13-032 Phanpy GroundNormal Normal
13-033 Absol Dark Normal
13-034 Budew PoisonGrass Normal
13-035 Scyther FlyingBug Normal
13-036 Riolu Fighting Normal
13-028★ Togepi Normal Special

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