Ho-Oh and Lugia Soar (Battrio)

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Ho-Oh and Lugia Soar
Battrio expansion 10 logo.png
Number of pucks 37
Expansion number 10
System version ver. 3.12
Release date September 17, 2009
Arceus Advent
Decisive Battle! Kyogre and Groudon

The Ho-Oh and Lugia Soar Collection (Japanese: ホウオウ・ルギア飛翔編) is the second Pokemon Battrio 0 series expansion set, and the tenth overall. It features 36 standard pucks, plus one special puck.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
10-001 Ho-Oh Fire Master
10-002 Lugia Flying Master
10-003 Mew Psychic Master
10-004 Rhyperior Rock Hyper
10-005 Meganium Grass Hyper
10-006 Typhlosion Fire Hyper
10-007 Feraligatr Water Hyper
10-008 Raichu Electric Hyper
10-009 Machamp Fighting Hyper
10-010 Bayleef Grass Super
10-011 Quilava Fire Super
10-012 Croconaw Water Super
10-013 Pikachu Electric Super
10-014 Machoke Fighting Super
10-015 Dragonair Dragon Super
10-016 Rhydon Ground Super
10-017 Espeon Psychic Super
10-018 Umbreon Dark Super
10-019 Glaceon Ice Super
10-020 Leafeon Grass Super
10-021 Mawile Steel Normal
10-022 Chikorita Grass Normal
10-023 Cyndaquil Fire Normal
10-024 Totodile Water Normal
10-025 Zubat Poison Normal
10-026 Psyduck Water Normal
10-027 Magnemite Electric Normal
10-028 Gastly Ghost Normal
10-029 Rhyhorn Rock Normal
10-030 Porygon Normal Normal
10-031 Dratini Dragon Normal
10-032 Pichu Electric Normal
10-033 Unown Psychic Normal
10-034 Yanma Bug Normal
10-035 Machop Fighting Normal
10-036 Eevee Normal Normal
10-036★ Eevee Normal Special

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