Special Pucks (Battrio)

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Special Pucks
Battrio Special Puck logo.png
Number of pucks 80
Expansion number N/A
Release period July 15, 2007 – April 2011
Special Spin Pucks

The Special Pucks (Japanese: スペシャルパック) are a collection of Pokémon Battrio pucks that could not be obtained through normal gameplay, and were instead distributed at events or with merchandise as promotional items. Pucks numbered 'P' were usually acquired in this way, with those numbered 'G' available only as top-ranking prizes in Pokémon Battrio tournaments. The collection comprises 80 pucks released over the course of the original Battrio series, followed by Battrio +, Battrio S, and Battrio 0.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
P Chimchar Fire Normal
P Chimchar Fire Normal
P Pikachu Electric Super
P Munchlax Normal Normal
G Palkia Dragon Master
G Infernape Fire Hyper
G Grotle Grass Super
P Espeon Psychic Normal
P Umbreon Dark Normal
P Piplup Water Normal
P Turtwig Grass Normal
P Leafeon Grass Normal
P Glaceon Ice Normal
P Gyarados Water Super
G Dialga Dragon Master
G Empoleon Water Hyper
G Monferno Fire Super
P Regigigas Normal Hyper
P Snorlax Normal Super
P Shaymin Grass Special
P Chimchar Fire Special
P Croagunk Poison Special
P Magmortar Fire Super
P Lucario Fighting Special
P Riolu Fighting Normal
P Electivire Electric Super
G Darkrai Dark Master
G Blaziken Fire Hyper
G Grovyle Grass Super
P Torchic Fire Special
P Plusle Electric Special
P Minun Electric Special
P Sceptile Grass Special
P Munchlax Normal Special
P Wooper Ground Special
P Machamp Fighting Super
P Arceus Eleven-PlateNormal Special
P Pichu Electric Special
P Piplup Water Special
P Combusken Fighting Super
P Pachirisu Electric Special
P Regigigas Normal Special
P Marshtomp Water Super
P Grovyle Grass Super
P Rayquaza Dragon Special
G Arceus Full-PlateNormal Master
G Heatran Fire Hyper
G Mismagius Ghost Super
P Abomasnow GrassIce Super
P Typhlosion Fire Special
P Feraligatr Water Special
P Meganium Grass Special
P Pikachu Electric Special
P Piplup Water Special
P Pichu Electric Special
P Pikachu ElectricWater Super
P Garchomp GroundDragon Special
P Pikachu Electric Special
P Pikachu Electric Special
P Pikachu Electric Special
P Drapion PoisonDark Super
P Dragonite Dragon Special
P Luxray ElectricDark Special
P-☆ Gyarados Water Super
P Gyarados Water Special
P Raichu Electric Special
P Celebi Grass Special
P Pikachu ElectricSteel Special
P Celebi Psychic Special
P Empoleon SteelWater Special
P Pikachu Electric Special
P Rotom ElectricFire Super
P Ho-Oh Fire Master
P Mewtwo Psychic Master
G Dialga Dragon Master
G Palkia Dragon Master
G Arceus Full-PlateNormal Master
P Rayquaza DragonNormal Master
P Mew Psychic Master
P Lugia Flying Master
P Arceus Full-PlateNormal Master

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