Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon (Battrio)

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Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon
Battrio expansion 15 logo.png
Number of pucks 64
Expansion number 15
Release date July 8, 2010
Mewtwo Awakening
Endless Fierce Battle

The Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon Collection (Japanese: 超決戦!伝説のポケモン編) is the seventh Pokémon Battrio 0 series expansion set, and the fifteenth overall. It features 59 standard pucks, plus five special pucks.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
15-001 Lugia PsychicFlying Master
15-002 Ho-Oh FlyingFire Master
15-003 Kyogre WaterIce Master
15-004 Groudon GroundFire Master
15-005 Rayquaza DragonNormal Master
15-005☆ Rayquaza DragonNormal Master
15-☆1 Raikou Electric Hyper
15-☆2 Entei Fire Hyper
15-☆3 Suicune Water Hyper
15-006 Latias Psychic Hyper
15-007 Latios DragonPsychic Hyper
15-008 Heatran SteelFire Hyper
15-009 Tyranitar RockDark Hyper
15-010 Cresselia PsychicIce Hyper
15-011 Garchomp GroundDragon Hyper
15-012 Dragonite Dragon Hyper
15-013 Blissey Normal Hyper
15-014 Gabite GroundDragon Super
15-015 Gabite GroundDragon Super
15-016 Dragonair Dragon Super
15-017 Dragonair Dragon Super
15-018 Chansey Normal Super
15-019 Chansey Normal Super
15-020 Drapion DarkPoison Super
15-021 Drapion DarkPoison Super
15-022 Snorlax Normal Super
15-023 Snorlax Normal Super
15-024 Drifblim GhostFlying Super
15-025 Drifblim GhostFlying Super
15-026 Dugtrio Ground Super
15-027 Dugtrio Ground Super
15-028 Bronzong PsychicSteel Super
15-029 Bronzong PsychicSteel Super
15-030 Steelix Steel Super
15-031 Steelix Steel Super
15-032 Yanmega FlyingBug Super
15-033 Yanmega FlyingBug Super
15-034 Gible GroundDragon Normal
15-035 Gible GroundDragon Normal
15-036 Dratini Dragon Normal
15-037 Dratini Dragon Normal
15-038 Happiny Normal Normal
15-039 Happiny Normal Normal
15-040 Skorupi BugPoison Normal
15-041 Skorupi BugPoison Normal
15-042 Munchlax Normal Normal
15-043 Munchlax Normal Normal
15-044 Drifloon FlyingGhost Normal
15-045 Drifloon FlyingGhost Normal
15-046 Diglett Ground Normal
15-047 Diglett Ground Normal
15-048 Bronzor SteelPsychic Normal
15-049 Bronzor SteelPsychic Normal
15-050 Onix Rock Normal
15-051 Onix Rock Normal
15-052 Yanma FlyingBug Normal
15-053 Yanma FlyingBug Normal
15-054 Lunatone RockPsychic Normal
15-055 Lunatone RockPsychic Normal
15-056 Solrock PsychicRock Normal
15-057 Solrock PsychicRock Normal
15-058 Wooper WaterGround Normal
15-059 Wooper WaterGround Normal
15-058★ Wooper WaterGround Special

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