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AG178 : Battling the Enemy Within!
Advanced Generation series
AG180 : May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Slaking Kong!
AG179   EP453
Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!
First broadcast
Japan June 8, 2006
United States December 7, 2006
English themes
Opening Battle Frontier
Japanese themes
Opening スパート!
Ending 私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 渡辺正彦 Masahiko Watanabe
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

Slaking Kong! (Japanese: 驚異!巨大ケッキングの山!! Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!) is the 179th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 453rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on June 8, 2006 and in the United States on December 7, 2006.

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A magnificent mountain lights the sky as Ash and his friends make headway towards the Kanto Grand Festival. With Ash's defeat at the Battle Pyramid, May looks forward to her participation in the Festival and Ash's future attempt to defeat Brandon. May opens her Ribbon case displaying her five Ribbons glistening in the sunlight.

A man can be heard in the distance as our heroes stop to view a group of Aipom escaping off with the merchant's goods including food and cookware. A couple of the Aipom jump on top of Ash's head and burst off into the distance while one particular Aipom decides to snatch his hat and run off with the rest of the group. Everyone runs off towards the Aipom's last location but loses them in the dense underbrush.

Our heroes head back to the old man's residence where they enjoy a hot beverage and introductions are exchanged. Ash questions the man about the Aipom situation where outside of the residence the land is ravished from the disastrous Pokémon. He also goes to explain that one night in his younger age, night had befallen upon the land. As he moves closer to the mountain and a wooden wall, a hideous call can be heard from beyond. Lightning strikes down in the background as he escapes off into the distance with a silhouette of a giant Slaking appearing in the distance. Ash and everyone pledge their support as usual to help the old man with his situation.

Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet are performing a small ritual as the five Aipom present the two with their goods obtained from the old man. Meowth wears a pair of geta, making a distinctive "clacking" sound while Wobbuffet is wearing a red and white Hakama. Gigantic wooden doors open as the five Aipom scatter and Meowth and Wobbuffet are pulled inside with the doors finally slamming shut. Jessie and James finally reveal themselves examining the goods obtained from the Aipom. James notices a ribbon case as Jessie grabs it from him and opens it revealing five ribbons that would qualify her for the Grand Festival while Meowth just stands there with a strange look on his face.

Our heroes are headed towards the area of the disturbance as a group of Mankey scurry across their path with additional food. Additional Pokémon have joined Wobbuffet and Meowth's ritual presenting food including Aipom, Vigoroth, Mankey and Slaking. Ash extends himself from the underbrush to examine the Pokémon presenting Wobbuffet and Meowth with the food. Ash also manages to notice the Aipom that had previously stolen his hat. The doors open once more as the giant Slaking begins slamming his hands against his chest frightening the Pokémon away. May begins running for the gigantic doors as they begin to close. Everyone else follows right behind her making it barely through the entrance. May questions Team Rocket about her Ribbon Case as Jessie shows it to her in an arrogant remark. Jessie only continues taunting May, displaying her ribbons and moving one back and forth between two fingers.

Slaking finally reveals himself stomping on the ground causing small earthquakes. The wooden doors open once more as the group of Pokémon observe the surroundings. After a few moments, the entire group go towards our heroes rushing them off into the distance. As our heroes escape down the path, Aipom and Mankey rotate from the trees to stop them in the path. Pikachu begins launching Thunderbolts towards the Pokémon while Ash and Brock head in one direction and May and Max head in the opposite direction. The group of Pokémon decide to split up with the Aipom pursuing Ash and Brock while the Vigoroth and Slaking pursue May and Max. Ash and Brock continue running along the path while Brock releases a small amount of Pokémon food occupying the Aipom. The Aipom with Ash's hat continues on the pursuit and finally jumps atop him knocking him down a nearby cliff. Ash and Aipom slide down the rocky cliff as Ash notices a small tree growing from the side and grasps onto it also managing to save Aipom from the fall. After a few moments, the branch begins to break and thrusts our hero back towards the ground. Ash and Aipom finally fall into a group of bushes as the both of them run for his hat. Aipom manages to stop Ash and places it atop his head once more. Meanwhile, the second group continue pursuing May, Max, and the old man but manage to miss their location moving further down the path.

Ash begins cleaning himself in a nearby fountain splashing water against his face and Brock and Pikachu come running from the distance. Ash and Brock move to pursue Team Rocket and Aipom begins scaling the cliff. Aipom finally meets up with his fellow comrades. The gigantic Slaking continues devouring the food and finishes the bowl smashing it towards the ground. Slaking extends his arm lifting Team Rocket on top of his shoulder. May shouts at Team Rocket as the three extend ropes over the top of the wooden wall and climb over. May moves to confront Team Rocket as Jessie continues taunting May with her precious ribbons and her only chance to obtain admittance to the Grand Festival. Slaking begins moving forward as May calls upon her magnificent Combusken launching a Fire Spin towards Slaking. Slaking counterattacks repealing the attack with a gust of wind. Slaking tears through the wooden wall and continues down the path. Ash moves to confront Team Rocket with Pikachu blasting a Thunderbolt just underneath Slaking's feet. Team Rocket make an explosive introduction with the motto. Slaking extends his hand and grasps onto May's body and begins climbing a nearby cliff. Ash calls upon his angelic Swellow gliding around Slaking's airspace. As Slaking attempts to defend against Swellow, he manages to drop May in the process. Ash finally calls upon Sceptile who manages to save May just in time. Swellow moves forward for the attack clashing into Slaking's side at a high velocity causing it to lose its balance and crash into the ground. May continues the attack as Combusken blazes the field with a Fire Spin while also igniting the nearby Team Rocket. Brock releases his Marshtomp who douses Slaking with water. As the dust clears, a mecha Slaking is revealed. The metallic slaking begins banging its chest as the Vigoroth, Aipom, Slaking, and various other Pokémon begin attacking the mecha. After a few moments, the Pokémon escape from the mecha as the joints explode releasing the stolen food. Jessie shows May her ribbon case once more in arrogance and calls upon the devious Seviper. Combusken begins the attack striking forward as Seviper attempts to strike forward. Combusken evades the attack and strikes Seviper with a Sky Uppercut. Jessie releases May's ribbon case as she opens it displaying all five ribbons still in place. James calls upon Cacnea but is only met with Pikachu's devastating Volt Tackle. Team Rocket blasts off into the sky like a brilliant star.

The Flames of Courage burn brightly once more as our heroes head for the Grand Festival as the Pokémon wish them a grand parting. Ash continues down the path still without his hat, but notices his hat atop a rock structure. He also notices an apple and a pink flower. In the distance, Aipom spies on Ash from a treetop.

Major events

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Brandon in the opening


  • Slaking is shown to be only one foot taller than Vigoroth initially in the episode, and then at the end it is shown to be two feet taller.
  • Combusken's Fire Spin is inconsistent in this episode, it is shown with a spinning spiral for an attack and later it is shown as a burst of flames launched at the opponent.

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AG178 : Battling the Enemy Within!
Advanced Generation series
AG180 : May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
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