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Route 119

Route 119

Before entering this part of the route, it is advisable to bring at least the Mach Bike and a Flying-type such as Swellow, if you don't have a Fire-Type, like Blaziken to make the first trip through this Route easier since the Trainers on this route have Bug or Grass-type Pokémon. For the first part of the route is tall grass that prevents the bike from moving through it. During this part of the route a group of Bug-type Trainers known as the Mimic Circle will mimic your movement pattern.

The next part of the path has a water area you can Surf on. There are 6 random spots based on the phrase in Dewford Town. Feebas can be obtained here with the Super Rod. North from here is a Berry grove and a section that contains a hidden item. After crossing the bridge and the next patch of tall grass, using the Mach Bike to climb the slope would be suitable, rather than trekking through the tall grass patch to the right. As you head north you will find the Weather Institute as well as two Team MagmaR / Team AquaS grunts guarding the bridge to the east so you will have to deal with the ones inside the building first.

Weather Institute

Weather Institute 1F

Once inside, you'll notice to the upper left a bed and a PC near a little girl, which you can use to heal and switch out your team if need be. Here on the first floor are two Team MagmaR> / Team AquaS grunts you'll have to face. After the battle access to the second floor is available.

Weather Institute 2F

After reaching the second floor you'll find two more grunts and an Administrator.

After the battle, CourtneyR/ShellyS is angry for failing and decides to retreat, acknowledging that they have other plans.

Spr 3r 351.png
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Bag Mystic Water Sprite.png Mystic Water
Castform Lv.25
Powder Snow
Rain Dance
Sunny Day

After the battle, the professor will award you with a Castform which holds a Mystic Water, an item which enhances Water-type moves. If your party is full you'll have to use the PC on the first floor to empty a spot before he can give it to you. After that return to Route 119.

Route 119 cont.

It is not far now to reach Fortree City. Heading east across the bridge and before going north using Surf to head south along the river gains access to a hidden area that has an item, the Leaf Stone. After you return head north and your rival May/Brendan shows up and wishes to battle.

Treecko If the player chose Treecko:

Torchic If the player chose Torchic:

Mudkip If the player chose Mudkip:

After you defeat your rival, they will award the HM02 (Fly) before leaving, but you'll need the Badge from your upcoming Gym match against the Fortree Gym. Heading up, defeating two more Trainers and heading east reaches Fortree City.


Come back after earning your final Badge at the Sootopolis Gym to use Waterfall and find a rare Berry patch with Hondew Berries as well as a track for the Acro Bike to find a Rare Candy.

Fortree City

Fortree City

Due to an invisible Pokémon, you can't enter the Fortree Gym yet, so you will have to head east to Route 120 first to collect a Key Item that will deal with this problem. In the upper left house next to the Pokémon Center is a girl that will trade you Skitty (nicknamed Skitt) for a Pikachu. The house next door will give you a TM10 (Hidden Power) in exchange for guessing which hands has a hidden coin. (right, right, left).

Desk and chair shop

The building in the lower right corner has a shop where you can purchase decorations for your Secret Base.

Route 120

Route 120

Head east to the tall grass in the upper right corner and cross it and then head west to reach a bridge. As you cross it you will quickly see Steven Stone. When you talk to him he'll show you an invisible Pokémon when you admit you're ready to face it. The Pokémon which is a Lv 30 Kecleon, can easily be dealt with by working around its ability by either using a move that is not resistant against its own type, or using a move that is effective against the first move used to create a combo.

After the battle, Steven will give you Devon Scope to expose other invisible Pokémon before leaving. Now we can head to the Fortree Gym. On the way back head to the stairs that leads to the river and after defeating another invisible Kecleon, use Surf to head south to find the Scorched Slab and collect TM11 (Sunny Day) inside.

Spr 3r 352.png
Normal Unknown
Color Change
Held item:
Kecleon Lv.30
Faint Attack
Fury Swipes

Fortree City cont.

Now that you are back, head to the Gym and use your new Devon Scope to find an invisible Kecleon who will run away. Enter once your team is ready.

Fortree City Gym

Fortree City Gym

"The bird user taking flight into the world."

The puzzle for this Gym is that you will have to walk through revolving doors and plan it correctly to head to the next part of the Gym without it stopping you. This becomes slightly more complex the further you go through but the goal is to reach Winona in the upper left corner of the Gym.

When you face Winona, the hardest part of her team is that her Altaria knows Earthquake which is trouble for Electric, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon. If your team doesn't have an Ice-type move then SolrockR/LunatoneS is a good choice because their ability renders them immune to Earthquake.

Fortree Gym
The Feather Badge

After defeating Winona she will give you the Feather Badge which will allow all Pokémon Lv 70 or below to obey you without question and also allows you to use the HM move Fly outside of battle. She will also give you TM40 (Aerial Ace). Afterwards leave the Gym and prepare to return to Route 120.

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