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This article is about the decorations that can be placed on Pokémon. For the opponents that are battled in Pokéstar Studios, see Pokéstar Studios opponents.
Wig redirects here. For Diamond's Torterra in Pokémon Adventures, which is known as Wig in Chuang Yi translations, see Tru.
Pikachu and Oshawott wearing Props

Props (Japanese: グッズ Goods) are a type of item introduced in Generation V which are used in the Pokémon Musical. They are stored in the Prop Case. They are the equivalent of Accessories in Generation IV, but are limited in placement. The highest number of Props that can be worn is eight: one for the head, the face, the body, the waist, and two for the arms and ears each. Depending on the type of Pokémon participating, it may not reach this maximum, since not all Pokémon have hands, or accessible waists or necks, etc.

At the beginning of the musical, the Pokémon are dressed up. If the chosen Props' traits fit the song, more points are awarded. What is held is vital for the musical, as these Props can be waved around for appeal; however, each Prop may only be waved around once.

In Pokémon Black and White, obtaining all 100 Props is a requirement for increasing the Trainer Card level. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, collecting all the Props is necessary for the Trendsetter Medal.

Memory Link allows the player of Black 2 or White 2 to receive all the Props gained by the player of Black or White. This can only be done once.


After a performance has ended, the player may talk to the audience members gathered outside the reception area to receive Props. The better the performance, the more people will be waiting in the lobby. Depending on the crowd's reception of the Pokémon's performance, they may give the player more Props for future use. Some Props are given out only by certain Musical categories.

Some Props cannot be obtained by performing in the Musical alone and are gifted through conditions.

  • Crown: from the theater owner, after winning five Musicals.
  • Winner's Belt: from the theater owner, after winning ten Musicals.
  • Tiara: from the theater owner, after participating in a Musical with a friend.
  • Toy Cake: from the theater owner, on the player's birthday.
  • Electric Guitar: from Musician Preston on Route 5, after defeating him.
  • Scarlet Hat, Big Bag, Fluffy Beard, Gift Box: from an elderly gentleman (a Musical fanatic) inside a house in western Opelucid City (only one chosen daily).

List of Props

Prop Category Standard Nonstandard
Prop Pink Barrette Sprite.png Pink Barrette Cute Ear Body
Prop Blue Barrette Sprite.png Blue Barrette Cute Ear Body
Prop Red Barrette Sprite.png Red Barrette Cute Ear Body
Prop Blue Flower Sprite.png Blue Flower Cute Ear Body
Prop Crimson Scarf Sprite.png Crimson Scarf Cute Body Waist
Prop Red Flower Sprite.png Red Flower Cute Ear Body
Prop Big Barrette Sprite.png Big Barrette Cute Head Body
Prop Headband Sprite.png Headband Cute Head
Prop Square Glasses Sprite.png Square Glasses Elegant Face Head
Prop Striped Barrette Sprite.png Striped Barrette Cute Ear Body
Prop Small Barrette Sprite.png Small Barrette Cute Ear Body
Prop Decorative Ribbon Sprite.png Decorative Ribbon Cute Head
Prop Purse Sprite.png Purse Cute Arm
Prop Necklace Sprite.png Necklace Elegant Body
Prop Gorgeous Flower Sprite.png Gorgeous Flower Elegant Ear Body
Prop Round Button Sprite.png Round Button Cute Waist Body
Prop Green Barrette Sprite.png Green Barrette Quirky Ear Head
Prop Straw Hat Sprite.png Straw Hat Quirky Head
Prop Snow Crystal Sprite.png Snow Crystal Elegant Ear Body
Prop Lonely Flower Sprite.png Lonely Flower Elegant Arm Head
Prop Paintbrush Sprite.png Paintbrush Quirky Arm
Prop Beret Sprite.png Beret Quirky Head
Prop Whisk Sprite.png Whisk Quirky Arm
Prop Ladle Sprite.png Ladle Cool Arm
Prop Toy Cake Sprite.png Toy Cake Quirky Arm Head
Prop Chefs Hat Sprite.png Chef's Hat Cool Head
Prop Frying Pan Sprite.png Frying Pan Quirky Arm
Prop Bib Sprite.png Bib Quirky Body Waist
Prop Red Parasol Sprite.png Red Parasol Cute Arm
Prop Germ Mask Sprite.png Germ Mask Quirky Face
Prop Mallet Sprite.png Mallet Quirky Arm
Prop Colorful Parasol Sprite.png Colorful Parasol Cute Arm
Prop Wrench Sprite.png Wrench Quirky Arm
Prop Lantern Sprite.png Lantern Cool Arm
Prop Windup Key Sprite.png Windup Key Quirky Head
Prop Helmet Sprite.png Helmet Quirky Head
Prop Frilly Apron Sprite.png Frilly Apron Elegant Waist Body
Prop Dressy Tie Sprite.png Dressy Tie Elegant Body Ear
Prop Lace Cap Sprite.png Lace Cap Elegant Head
Prop Scarlet Cape Sprite.png Scarlet Cape Cool Body
Prop Toy Cutlass Sprite.png Toy Cutlass Cool Arm
Prop Toy Sword Sprite.png Toy Sword Cool Arm
Prop Pirate Hat Sprite.png Pirate Hat Cool Head
Prop Cowboy Hat Sprite.png Cowboy Hat Cool Head Arm
Prop Rigid Shield Sprite.png Rigid Shield Cool Arm Body
Prop Black Wings Sprite.png Black Wings Cool Body Head
Prop Witchy Hat Sprite.png Witchy Hat Quirky Head
Prop White Wings Sprite.png White Wings Cute Body Head
Prop Umber Belt Sprite.png Umber Belt Cool Waist
Prop Horned Helm Sprite.png Horned Helm Cool Head
Prop Trident Sprite.png Trident Cool Arm
Prop Magic Wand Sprite.png Magic Wand Quirky Arm
Prop Red Nose Sprite.png Red Nose Quirky Face
Prop Jesters Cap Sprite.png Jester's Cap Quirky Head
Prop Googly Specs Sprite.png Googly Specs Quirky Face Head
Prop Crown Sprite.png Crown Elegant Head
Prop Black Tie Sprite.png Black Tie Elegant Body
Prop Black Cape Sprite.png Black Cape Elegant Body
Prop Gorgeous Specs Sprite.png Gorgeous Specs Elegant Face Head
Prop Top Hat Sprite.png Top Hat Elegant Head Arm
Prop White Domino Mask Sprite.png White Domino Mask Cool Face
Prop White Cape Sprite.png White Cape Elegant Body
Prop Gentlemans Hat Sprite.png Gentleman's Hat Elegant Head Arm
Prop Cane Sprite.png Cane Elegant Arm
Prop Striped Tie Sprite.png Striped Tie Elegant Body
Prop Pocket Watch Sprite.png Pocket Watch Elegant Arm Body
Prop Bowtie Sprite.png Bow Tie Elegant Body Ear
Prop Tiara Sprite.png Tiara Elegant Head
Prop Rose Sprite.png Rose Elegant Arm Head
Prop Monocle Sprite.png Monocle Elegant Face
Prop Tie Sprite.png Tie Elegant Body
Prop Wig Sprite.png Wig Cool Head
Prop Standing Mike Sprite.png Standing Mike Cool Arm
Prop Tambourine Sprite.png Tambourine Cute Arm
Prop Fedora Sprite.png Fedora Cute Head
Prop Microphone Sprite.png Microphone Cool Arm
Prop Maraca Sprite.png Maraca Quirky Arm
Prop Trumpet Sprite.png Trumpet Elegant Arm
Prop Laurel Wreath Sprite.png Laurel Wreath Elegant Head
Prop White Pompom Sprite.png White Pompom Cute Arm Body
Prop Pennant Sprite.png Pennant Quirky Arm Head
Prop Football Sprite.png Football Cool Arm Head
Prop Winners Belt Sprite.png Winner's Belt Cool Waist
Prop Racket Sprite.png Racket Cool Arm
Prop Electric Guitar Sprite.png Electric Guitar Cool Arm
Prop Toy Fishing Rod Sprite.png Toy Fishing Rod Cool Arm
Prop Smiley-Face Mask Sprite.png Smiley-Face Mask Quirky Face Arm
Prop Fake Belly Button Sprite.png Fake Bellybutton Quirky Waist
Prop Professor Hat Sprite.png Professor Hat Quirky Head
Prop Hula Skirt Sprite.png Hula Skirt Quirky Waist Body
Prop Thick Book Sprite.png Thick Book Quirky Arm
Prop Bouquet Sprite.png Bouquet Elegant Arm
Prop Fake Bone Sprite.png Fake Bone Quirky Arm
Prop Round Mushroom Sprite.png Round Mushroom Quirky Arm Head
Prop Shuriken Sprite.png Shuriken Quirky Arm Ear
Prop Scarlet Hat Sprite.png Scarlet Hat Quirky Head
Prop Big Bag Sprite.png Big Bag Quirky Arm
Prop Candy Sprite.png Candy Cute Arm Ear
Prop Fluffy Beard Sprite.png Fluffy Beard Elegant Face
Prop Gift Box Sprite.png Gift Box Cute Arm Head

In the manga

Pokémon UNITE Manga - Come On Over to Aeos Island!

In Pokémon UNITE Manga - Come On Over to Aeos Island!, during Zirco's Holowear, Zirco thinks of a Mincinno and a Blitzle wearing Props as he describes Pokémon Musicals as having "pizazz". The Mincinno is holding a Red Parasol with two Candies balanced on top of it while wearing a Dressy Tie and Frilly Apron. The Blitzle is wearing a Top Hat and Scarlet Cape while holding a Standing Mike.

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Rekvisita
France Flag.png French Parure
Germany Flag.png German Accessoires
Italy Flag.png Italian Gadget
South Korea Flag.png Korean 굿즈 Goods
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Acessório
Spain Flag.png Spanish Complemento
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Rekvisita
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Phụ kiện

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