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Kurai-Dan (Dark Gang / Team Dusk) is a fanon team made up for a fanfiction.


Kurai-Dan is focused on using Pokémon to destroy others and take over the world. Kurai-Dan is an underground militia-like force that claim to be the most powerful of the organizations. Not many people have heard of the organization because most are killed or recruited once met. However, those that know about them are frequently targets of Kurai-Dan so the organization isn't plastered on the news.

Most are paired in twos if they are high ranking, but if they are lower ranking, they're usually paired in fours. Thier leader is unknown, but seems to be an evil, manipulative dictator. S/he doesn't care how their minions work towards their goals, allowing them to kill if they want, as long as they catch rare and strong Pokémon to take over the world. Their main rival is Raito-Dan. Each member of the Kurai-Dan are required to use a pseudo-legendary.

Kurai-Dan will stop at nothing to destroy other evil organizations, such as Raito-Dan, Roketto-Dan, or Galaxy-Dan. Most are very ruthless and will destroy an opponent's Pokémon. They are not required to steal Pokémon, but most steal strong ones from unsuspecting trainers. If a Pokémon isn't up to standards, they will either train them or sell them for profit to afford things such as tanks or helicopters.


High ranking members are required to wear a small cap on their heads to differentiate from lower ranking members. The rankings are as follows from lowest to highest.

Yuugure - Dusk
Yoru - Night/Evening
Shinya - Midnight
Gozen - Morning (A.M)
Yoake - Dawn
Kuro - Black

Oddly enough, only the highest ranking members are not named after a time of day. Kuro includes the leader themself, as well as members with two or more pseudo-legendaries. This group is allowed to work solo. Yoake includes members with one fully-evolved pseudo-legendary, and possibly a basic pseudo-legendary, on their team. These are required to travel in pairs. Gozen includes members with one first-stage pseudo-legendary and are required to travel in threes. Shinya members usually have one first-stage pseudo-legendary or a basic pseudo-legendary and are required to travel in threes.

Yoru must have a basic pseudo-legendary on their team and are required to travel in fours. Yuugure are in-training members, working towards capturing a basic form. These members are not allowed to go on any missions, accompanied or otherwise, and all members have started here at some point. Most of the work they do, besides going to classes and running through obstacles, include doing chores for higher ranking members and serving their head master.

Yuugure is the only rank that has a head master, usually one from the Gozen to Kuro rankings.


  • The following is a basic set-up of the members and which Pokémon team set-up they may have, with only the Pokémon members use. A list of other Pokémon used will be placed at the bottom of this section.
  • The following list is incomplete. Please don't touch it unless you're fixing a problem.



In the Fanfiction

Nareta has come across two members of Kurai-Dan. The female of the group, Narasami, or Mimi for short, is a ruthless trainer that stops at nothing to win. She also seems to be the leader of the group. The male, Hizaki, seems to operate all of the machinery and is better with technical things, rather than battling. They both have a fully-evolved psuedo-legendary and are considered to be at the Yoake rank.

Nareta saved a poor Pokémon from Narasami, an Odoshishi. Nareta technically stole Odoshishi from Narasami. Being out of the Poké Ball at the time, Nareta merely stomped on and broke the contraption, freeing Odoshishi who had been abused physically and emotionally.

This further proves how ruthless Narasami is, as she had beaten Odoshishi on numberous occassions with her whip, and even stomped on him right in front of Nareta. Odoshishi is now in Nareta's care and is still overcoming his fear of Narasami.

Some of the equipment the duo has used consists of the following.

  • A tank
  • A driller
  • A capture device
  • A bazooka
  • Handguns

This seems to reflect the actual organization's way of dealing with both trainers and traitors. Narasami has stated that a few recruits have been 'dealt with accordingly' after disobeying orders. She also stated that the only rankings that are allowed to deal with traitors are the Yoake and the Kuro. It is unknown whether or not Narasami or Hizaki has ever 'dealt with' a traitor or not.

A few times, Narasami aimed a handgun at Nareta for refusing to hand over her Raichu, a wild Buizeru that Nareta befriended, and her Fukamaru. However, Odoshishi was able to get rid of the handgun before Nareta was hurt, or even killed.

Narasami seems to taunt Nareta about Kurai-Dan, giving her little information each time they meet when she clearly stated that it was against their rules. This says that Narasami has a total disreguard for the rules and the leader and seems to be working toward her own goal that even Hizaki is clueless about.

Either way, both members are manipulative to some degree and have even made their Pokémon attack Nareta.


List of known Pokémon for Narasami.

154 f.png
Spr 3r 234.png

* Now belongs to Nareta.

List of known Pokémon for Hizaki.


Rock Smash
Hyper Beam
Ice Beam

Vine Whip
Leech Seed
Razor Leaf

Water Pulse
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw

Zen Headbutt

Fire Blast
Fire Fang
Dark Pulse
Giga Impact

Battling Styles

Narasami usually stoops extremely low. She once tried to kill Nareta by throwing her in a river. Because Nareta cannot swim, she was almost killed, if not for the help of Odoshishi.

Narasami focuses on pure-power attacks.