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マイル Miles
Gender Male
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh

Hello, I'm Myles as you can probably tell from my username. I'm new to Bulbapedia as a member (and thus a contributor), but I have used Bulbapedia for a while before becoming a member. I have worked on many other MediaWiki wikis, which is why I'm pretty accustomed to wiki conventions.

I'm usually either chatting on a forum, programming or playing games (Pokémon ones in particular). My first Pokémon, and Game Boy, game was Pokémon Yellow and I can't wait for the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. I'll probably get SoulSilver, to match my Pokémon Silver, and because Lugia rocks!

As for programming, I can program with C++, PHP, BASIC, JavaScript and can get myself around other languages too. I'm also good at coding XHTML, CSS, SQL, but they're not really programming languages (They're mark-up, stylesheet and query languages, respectively).

Trainer Card

Seen: 392

Caught: 290

Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png

Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png


HallSilverprintL.png              Unknownprint.png

CastleSilverprintL.png      ArcadeSilverprintL.png


Main Team*

All are EV trained except Machamp (I'm planning on EV training it soon). Levels are approximate.