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381.png This user identifies as male.
149.png This user comes from Brazil.
Spr Pt Byron.png This user's favorite Gym Leader is Byron.
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My first:

650Chespin.png When Pokémon X and Y Versions are released this user will choose Chespin as his starter


My name is Igor, I'm Brazilian, I'm Fanatic in the World of Pokémon and I'm here to help to expand the bulbapedia. I play Pokémon games in the emulator in my computer and in my Nintendo Dsi. Recently I've been able to access interenet in the Gen V White, now I'm ready to trade.

What I do

I don't do anything big, I just add missing categories, help when I see a typo, but what I love the most: I am a trivia adder. How is it possible some people not beliving that trivia is important, is there that the most important is!

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