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Bianca's Escavalier
ベルのシュバルゴ Bel's Chevargo
Poké Ball
Bianca Escavalier.png
Bianca's Escavalier
Debuts in Crisis at Chargestone Cave!
Caught at Unova
Evolves in Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Traded in Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Original Trainer Professor Juniper
Traded for Bianca's Shelmet
Current location With Bianca
This Pokémon spent 2 episodes as Karrablast.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Karrablast Chinami Nishimura Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
As Escavalier Kenta Miyake Dan Green

Bianca's Escavalier (Japanese: ベルシュバルゴ Bel's Chevargo) is a Pokémon Bianca obtained in a trade with Professor Juniper for her Shelmet and her fourth known overall.


As a Karrablast

With Professor Juniper

In Crisis at Chargestone Cave!, Bianca mentioned to Ash and his friends she decided to trade her previously introduced Shelmet for a Karrablast owned by Professor Juniper, evolving both of them in the process. Karrablast appeared at the end of the episode when Professor Juniper was ready to trade.

Before the trade could take place, Professor Juniper wanted to make a battle to gather data, in which both sides were evenly matched before the battle was interrupted. After the trouble was solved, the trade took place.

With Bianca

After Bianca traded her Shelmet for Professor Juniper's Karrablast so that both Pokémon could evolve. However, once it did, Escavalier started to chase her down and also refused to listen to her commands. During its Tag Battle against Cilan's Crustle and Ash's Boldore with Accelgor as its partner, it learned to cooperate with both it and Bianca. As Accelgor protected Escavalier by using Substitute, the two Pokémon started to work better as a team, and they were able to defeat Boldore together. Despite that both Accelgor and Escavalier were then defeated by Cilan's Crustle, Bianca was glad that her new Pokémon was now obeying her.

In Mission: Defeat Your Rival!, Bianca used Escavalier as her first Pokémon in her Vertress Conference battle against Cameron and his Samurott. Despite withstanding many of Samurott's attacks with Iron Defense, Escavalier's endurance finally ran out, and it was defeated with a Razor Shell.

Personality and characteristics

Bianca and Escavalier

Even through Escavalier hasn't had much screen time, it has showed a lot of personality. As a Karrablast, it was shown to be quite aggressive in contrast to Bianca's shy and timid Shelmet. When it evolved after the trade, Escavalier was not close with its new trainer so it began to chase her around. After being recalled with the help of Professor Juniper's Accelgor, Escavalier managed to calm down. During the tag battle with Professor Juniper's Accelgor against Ash and Cilan, it still wasn't obeying Bianca and did whatever he wanted which eventually led to Accelgor it's partner to get hurt when it tried to protect Escavalier. After seeing Accelgor risk itself to protect it, Escavalier was finally ready to listen to Bianca and managed to team up with Accelgor and defeat Ash's Boldore before falling to Cilan's Crustle.

Moves used

Juniper Karrablast Take Down.png
Using Take Down as a Karrablast
Bianca Escavalier Iron Defense.png
Using Iron Defense
Move First Used In
Peck Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Take Down Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Fury Attack  Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Quick Guard Evolution Exchange Excitement!*
Iron Defense  Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Hyper Beam Evolution Exchange Excitement!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Despite Pokédex entries mentioning Karrablast evolving after attaching a Shelmet's shell, Karrablast didn't need to do so and simply evolved after the trade.
  • Escavalier is the first Pokémon to belonging to a rival in the anime that was disobedient towards its Trainer.

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