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(Note: This is an alias, not my real name)

About Me

034.png This user identifies as male.
336.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Seviper.
455.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Carnivine.
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068.png This user will fight against vandals.
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I am a huge fan of Team Rocket and I'm also a member. I now lead Team Rocket around here. I'm dedicated to making all of the knowledge about every Team Rocket member easily accessed. If you see any flaws in my work, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm always looking for ways to improve. After all, I want everyone to be a Team Rocket member, too. By the way, if you want to join, see my mission base. To see some of my Team Rocket creations, see my sandbox.

Go Team Rocket! We'll get Ash and his little Pikachu, too!

About This User

I am dedicated to causing trouble for the good guys in the name of Team Rocket. As a villain, I have no hesitations about playing dirty. I am an egotistical and I frequently enjoy gloating after winning. I hold a grudge for a long time and don't forget those who did me wrong. I enjoy vengeance, perhaps too much. I have good leadership skills.

Favorite Quotes

  • "Team Rocket's rockin' at the speed of light!"
  • "Prepare for trouble, make it double"
  • "Bring it on (insert good guy group name here)!"
  • "You'll never beat Team Rocket"
  • "Prepare to be crushed, (insert name of good guy group here)!"
  • "It's all over for you (insert good guy name)."

Favorite Pokémon

Pet Peeves

  • good guys
  • opposition
  • people who yell at me (I'm still bitter towards one user who did this once)
  • suck-ups
  • vandals
  • enemies of TR

To-Do List

  • make more missions
  • recruit new Team Rocket members
  • be evil (BWA HA HA HA!)
  • overthrow the admins of Bulbapedia (oops did I say that out loud?)

My Main Party Pokémon (Generation III)

These guys are the Pokémon that I take to tournaments. They are the best of the best from all of my Generation III games combined.

Spr 3e 336.png


Note: Seviper is my favorite Pokémon so I trained mine to overcome its main weaknesses. Iron Tail wipes out Ground and Rock Pokémon. Flamethrower deals with Steel. Crunch deals with Psychic. 











My Team Rocket Pokémon

These are the guys I usually use in special battles to honor Team Rocket and during my job time as a Rocket. However, if I need to, I will use any other Pokémon I have to assure victory for Team Rocket. I only use them in Generation III.

Spr 3e 336.png












Sinnoh Team Rocket Pokémon

Since I have been reassigned to Sinnoh, I have had to leave all of my old Pokémon in Kanto and Hoenn.











Spr 3e 336.png


Note: Despite the fact that they have the same moves, the Seviper I use in Sinnoh is not the same one I used in Hoenn and Kanto. Rather, it is actually the child of that Seviper. It inherited all of its TM moves from its parent

Favorite Articles

I have created/contributed to these and I'm especially proud of them.

Articles I Created

Articles I Contributed To

Team Rocket Life

I am a highly dedicated member of Team Rocket. Upon joining the team, I was given a Level 5 Ekans and a Level 5 Koffing. I have worked to defeat police and other do-gooders. I usually work in the Hoenn region where I work take down our rivals, Team Aqua and Team Magma. There, it is part of my job to catch plenty of strong wild Pokémon to give to new grunts. I round up strong wild Pokémon for our boss. Then I use the Pokémon Center's trading system to send the Pokémon to another diguised agent in Kanto. These Pokémon then go to our new grunts. Of course, due to my traveling between regions, my Ekans and Koffing evolved into Arbok and Weezing. In Hoenn, I collected a Seviper, Cacnea, and Dustox to add to my team. Every day I get closer to my mission of setting up a Team Rocket base there. My ultimate goal is to recruit all people as part of Team Rocket.

I also work in the Kanto region sometimes. There I head our Celadon branch, which consists of 2 grunts and an old man. It is our job to keep the Rocket Game Corner supplied with Pokémon as prizes. Pathetic, isn't it? Well, thats what you get when you ask the boss for a promotion. While traveling through Kanto for some Team Rocket business, I caught a Bellsprout. I quickly evolved the Bellsprout into a Victreebel. It has now joined my Team Rocket party. Most recently, in Hoenn, I encountered a shiny Seviper and Cacnea. I captured these but kept them for myself. However, am still training them and I use my regular Seviper and Cacnea for battle.

Most recently, I have been reassigned to the Sinnoh region to obtain the rare Pokémon that live there. I have caught myself a Carnivine as I had been wanting one. I had to leave all of my old Pokémon in Kanto and Hoenn, so I recieved a Piplup from Professor Rowan.

(P.S. I only work at Team Rocket part time. I am also a legit Pokémon trainer, which is why I have so many non-Rocket Pokémon)

We'll never give up!