Paul's Honchkrow

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Paul's Honchkrow
シンジのドンカラス Shinji's Dongkarasu
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Paul Honchkrow.png
Paul's Honchkrow
Debuts in Top-Down Training!
Caught at Somewhere in Hoenn, Kanto, or Johto
Evolves in Prior to Lost Leader Strategy!
Gender Unknown
Ability Super Luck
Current location With Reggie in Veilstone City
HOME198.png HOME430.png
This Pokémon spent at least 26 episodes as Murkrow.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Murkrow Chie Satō (DP040, DP064)
Chinami Nishimura (DP051)
Unknown (DP040, DP051)
Tim Werenko (DP064)
As Honchkrow Daisuke Sakaguchi Tim Werenko

Paul's Honchkrow (Japanese: シンジのドンカラス Shinji's Dongkarasu) is a Pokémon owned by Paul.


As a Murkrow

Murkrow debuted in Top-Down Training!, where Paul used it in a battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. It launched a Haze, which Garchomp easily dodged. It proved far too much of a lightweight to tackle Garchomp, as a collision between Sky Attack and Garchomp's Giga Impact knocked it out in one blow. Whilst it recovered with Weavile, Torterra, and Chimchar, Paul revealed that it was caught during his journey through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn.

In Glory Blaze, Murkrow used Shadow Ball and Sky Attack to try to force Chimchar's Blaze to activate. In Riding the Winds of Change, it chased away a horde of Gligar.

It evolved off-screen between Riding the Winds of Change! and Lost Leader Strategy!. It battled Maylene in a flashback, easily defeating Meditite with Sky Attack, and then clashing with her Machoke and overpowering it.

In Aiding the Enemy!, it battled Turtwig. It charged up a Sky Attack, but the charge up time allowed Turtwig to hit with Energy Ball. Turtwig managed to dodge Sky Attack and Night Slash, but Honchkrow managed to reverse its angle and struck with another Night Slash. It also hit consecutive Aerial Aces. Just then, Turtwig evolved into Grotle, but Paul and Honchkrow were undeterred and continued their onslaught of Aerial Ace, which Grotle was unable to dodge due to its drastically increased mass and reduced speed. Honchkrow powered up and struck with a Sky Attack, Grotle stumbling and allowing Honchkrow to strike. A final Dark Pulse was enough to finish off Grotle, severely damaging Grotle's self-esteem.

Super Luck activated

In Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, Paul entered it in the Squallville PokéRinger competition. It was immediately put up against the reigning champion, Provo and his Dragonite. However, Paul and Honchkrow immediately proved to be deadly opponents as Honchkrow outflew Dragonite at every turn and dodged its powerful Fire Punch and Dragon Pulse. It managed to get the ring before Dragonite, but dropped it when Dragonite's Dragon Rush landed a hit. Both Pokémon raced for the ring; Honchkrow got it first and flew for the goal. As Dragonite prepared another Dragon Rush, Paul had Honchkrow ride the wind and land a Sky Attack, which knocked out Dragonite thanks to Honchkrow's Super Luck Ability. With a knockout, Paul won the round easily. It was also shown defeating a Swellow and Steveland's Skiploom to reach the final.

Honchkrow vs Staraptor

In the final round, it battled Ash's Staravia, who managed to beat it to the ring. However, Honchkrow attacked with Sky Attack and overpowered Staravia's Brave Bird, but Staravia managed to hold onto the ring and recovered. Honchkrow tried again to get the ring with a Dark Pulse, but Staravia once again kept hold of it. Riding the wind, Honchkrow struck with Aerial Ace and took possession of the ring, but lost it again when Staravia used Quick Attack to steal it straight out of Honchkrow's beak. Honchkrow struck with a Sky Attack and then, anticipating that Ash would counter with Quick Attack, Paul ordered Honchkrow to dodge and flatten Staravia with a Night Slash.

As Honchkrow prepared a Sky Attack to finish Staravia, it evolved into Staraptor and reclaimed the ring. Honchkrow managed to knock the ring out of Staraptor's beak, and stalled Staraptor by using Night Slash. However, Honchkrow took a beating from Staraptor's newly learned Close Combat and the two clashed with Sky Attack and Brave Bird once more. Staraptor managed to recover quicker this time and chased Honchkrow to the ring. Just as Honchkrow was about to close its beak on the ring, Staraptor swatted the ring onto the goal with his wing, meaning that Honchkrow came second. On the ground, Paul lay the blame for the loss on Honchkrow, saying that its response time was too slow.

It was used to battle Ash as Paul's fourth Pokémon in Pedal to the Mettle!, where it fought Grotle again. Everyone knew that Ash putting Grotle up against Honchkrow to avenge its loss was a mistake, but Ash persisted. Shielded by Electabuzz's Light Screen, it managed to block the hit from Energy Ball. Honchkrow used Haze to blind Grotle and then hit with another Night Slash. When Grotle used Synthesis, Honchkrow used the delay to charge its Sky Attack, which crashed against Rock Climb. Honchkrow proved far more powerful and knocked Grotle out again.

In Battling a Thaw in Relations!, it was seen at Reggie's house, along with Torterra, Ursaring, and Weavile; they were all unhappy to hear that Paul had lost in the quarterfinals of the Lily of the Valley Conference.

Personality and characteristics

Honchkrow upset over disappointing Paul
Honchkrow and Paul

Honchkrow is considered to be the backbone of Paul's team since it has rarely ever failed him, except in Top-Down Training! as Murkrow where it lost in battle to Cynthia's Garchomp, and finally in Pursuing a Lofty Goal! where it lost the PokéRinger contest to Ash's Staraptor. Although Honchkrow shows the ruthlessness typical of its species and Paul's common attitude, the latter episode also showcased a sensitive side to Honchkrow, where it appeared openly upset to have let Paul down.

Its aerial prowess and strength were shown on several occasions, most notably during the Squallville PokéRinger competition, where it was able to take down the four-time defending champion's Dragonite in a single attack.

Moves used

Paul Honchkrow Haze.png
Using Haze
Paul Murkrow Sky Attack.png
Using Sky Attack
as a Murkrow
Move First Used In
Haze  Top-Down Training!
Sky Attack  Top-Down Training!
Shadow Ball Glory Blaze!
Night Slash  Aiding the Enemy!
Aerial Ace Aiding the Enemy!
Dark Pulse Aiding the Enemy!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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