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Bpc908 is an avid member of Bulbapedia, where along with the other fans of Pokémon edits the articles of the wiki. bpc908 hopes to be a friendly and useful addition to the community where he will edit articles and provide accurate information to the members and viewers of Bulbapedia.


bpc908's offline persona is that of a lowely college student named Brian. He is 18 years old and enjoys the Pokémon Franchise in it's entirety. Brian is also an avid collector of the Pokémon Trading Card Game cards and continues to look for new additions to the series and always buys the newest packs when they are released. Brian is also anticipating the release of Pokémon Black and White in the United States, which releases on March 6th, 2011.


  • Brian currently lives in the underbelly of hell in the USA. Bet you can guess where that is.
  • Brian is also an avid fan of anime.
    • some of these anime include, K-On!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lucky Star, Best Wishes,etc.
  • In addition to loving anime, he also enjoys attending Anime Conventions, finding all sorts of merchandise to buy.

Pokémon Trivia

  • He plans to choose Pokémon White as his first game of Generation V,mostly for the White Forest and Iris as the gym leader.
  • He nearly has over 100 cards in his collection of Pokémon Cards.
  • Brian started playing Pokémon after his parent gave him a Gameboy Color for his 9th birthday.
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