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Yep, I made these! (And thanks to TTE for the movie)

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


Yeah, so I don't edit on Bulbapedia much. So wadda ya gonna do? Sue me?!

I am a bit Obsessive Compulsive about grammar, so most of my stuff is that.


I started Pokémon when watching the first animé series. I thought it was AMAZING, so began collecting the cards as well. At the moment, though I have stopped watching the animé(other than the films) my card collection is still growing. At present my best cards are:

Currently, I'm trying to watch all the films. So far...

Unless said otherwise, these were watched on Youtube


When I was about 6-ish, Pokémon cards were banned from our school (don't ask) and I didn't get to see another film until I was sorta...older. So, my love of everything Poké faded, until, I got...Ruby...

  • Oh
  • My
  • God

I L.0.V.3.D it!! My brother even bought (for Christmas) another SP so he could play on Sapphire and we could complete it. I even used my mates AR to get Jirachi!! Feebas annoyed me, and I failed to persuade my brother for his Kyogre, but other than that it was fine. I even got a red Golbat in Victory Road.

But then, in an event that is never spoken of, I lost my Ruby for another Sapphire. All my good stuff was gone, and no way of retrieving it. I went into withdrawal, not mentioning Pokémon for a few more years.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. An odd, Pearl-and-DS coloured light.

I was back.

Buying a DS before Christmas and loading up on games then, it looked fine. Elite 4 were down in under 30 hours, and I have about 400 hours total play. I am trying to start again, but can't bring myself to get rid of my good stuff. So, I'm getting Platinum, trading, then restarting.


I have Mystery Dungeon: Time A good game, but after getting to Master Rank there is very little to do. I stopped playing after "The Kecleon Incident", which involved the loss of both my Mystery Part and Secret Slab.

More recently, Ranger 2, far better. Played non-stop and I am still endeavoring to max out my Styler.

Soooo... thats about it. I will still be adding and making User tags for a while, and will update soon!!

As if you care, but LV X is both a reference to the supercharged TCG cards, and the nickname of my Palkia, who was my 1st LV C (That means 100, in case you skipped Roman Numeral lessons)