Lilypad Town

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Lilypad Town
スイレンタウン Suiren Town
Lilypad Town.png
Lilypad Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Dressed for Jess Success!

Lilypad Town (Japanese: スイレンタウン Suiren Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. It was first mentioned in Uncrushing Defeat!, in which it was shown on a map to be located just southeast of Lake Acuity. Ash and his friends decided to head there after Nurse Joy told Dawn that a Pokémon Contest slated to take place there was a short time away. In the original Japanese version, Lilypad Town was referred to by Marian as "the town of balmy breezes."

Ash, Dawn, Brock, Lyra, and Khoury arrived there in Dressed for Jess Success!. Like many other towns in Sinnoh, Lilypad Town has its own Contest Hall, which makes the town a popular destination among Pokémon Coordinators. One notable landmark of Lilypad Town is the Lilypad Colosseum, which is the place where many accomplished Pokémon Trainers have battled. A large airport for blimps is also located nearby.

Places of interest

Contest Hall

Main article: Contest Hall
Contestants who cleared the first stage

A Pokémon Contest was held in the Lilypad Town Contest Hall in Dressed for Jess Success!. Dawn entered the competition in hopes of winning her fifth Ribbon, which would allow her to compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Jessie also had plans to participate in the Lilypad Contest, but she got sick and convinced James to go compete in her place dressed as Jessilina.

In the Performance Stage, Dawn was the first Coordinator to take the stage. She decided to use Piplup, commanding him to use Whirlpool followed by Bide. The Whirlpool came straight down on Piplup and joined forces with Bide, causing Piplup to glow an intense blue from the energy reaction. Their performance impressed the panel of judges, with Raoul Contesta commenting that it was a performance of the highest caliber. After a few other contestants, Jessilina was called on stage. With Meowth as her partner, she displayed his skills creatively, commanding him to use Fury Swipes to slice the ramen dough into three bowls, which she later served to the judges. Their performance surprised the judges and made Christopher, who was watching from television, cry in delight.

The Lilypad Ribbon

Following Marian's announcement of the eight contestants who moved on to the Contest Battles, Dawn was shown battling a Coordinator named Mario, using her Mamoswine against his Granbull. Mamoswine managed to knock out Granbull with a triple combo; first swallowing its own Ice Shard to gain icy spikes on its back, then using Hidden Power to make the ice shine brighter, and then moving towards its opponent while using Take Down. Although Dawn had advanced to the semifinals, she was unhappy with how short the battle was as she wanted to display more of Mamoswine's talents.

In the semifinals, Dawn went up against Jessilina, who was using Carnivine. During the battle, Carnivine used Vine Whip to steal Mamoswine's Ice Shard, and this angered the Twin Tusk Pokémon so much that it stopped listening to Dawn's commands. It tried to attack Carnivine several times, but Carnivine dodged its attacks in a graceful manner, lowering Dawn's score in the process. When time ran out, Jessilina was shown to be ahead of Dawn by a large amount of points. She advanced to the finals, where Carnivine defeated a Tyrogue to earn Jessilina the prestigious Lilypad Ribbon, her third Contest Ribbon overall.

Lilypad Colosseum

Dialga and Palkia statues

The Lilypad Colosseum is located on the outskirts of Lilypad Town. It was featured in Bagged Then Tagged!. Upon entering the Colosseum, Brock mentioned it is the place where successful Trainers in the Sinnoh region's ancient times worked with their Pokémon to strengthen both body and spirit. The Colosseum contains monuments dedicated to the Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia. According to Dawn, there is a legend that says that Trainers and Breeders' wishes come true when they touch the statues then train Pokémon.

The Colosseum's battlefield was the place where Ash and Dawn had their Tag Battle against Lyra and Khoury, using Monferno and Cyndaquil against Chikorita and Totodile. During the battle, Totodile evolved into Croconaw, surprising Ash and Dawn. Despite that, Ash and Dawn's teamwork proved successful and they won the battle. Although she lost, Lyra was still happy knowing that she and Khoury performed rather well in a battle against Ash, a Trainer with seven Gym Badges under his belt, and Dawn, a Coordinator one Contest Ribbon away from the Grand Festival.

Lilypad Airport

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The Lilypad Airport appeared in Bagged Then Tagged!. After wrapping up the Johto Festival, Khoury's father went to the airport, where he called his son and asked where he could meet him. Now remembering that the flight to Johto was soon going to leave, Khoury and Lyra rushed to the airport along with Ash, Dawn, and Brock. There, Khoury thanked Brock for all his help and Brock said that Khoury should get to know more Pokémon, as well as more Trainers and Coordinators. Lyra then asked Khoury to go on a journey together with her once they got to Johto and Khoury agreed. Then the five young Trainers bid their farewells and Khoury's father gave Brock a Pokégear. After that, they boarded the flight to Johto and left.


Contest Hall Colosseum Airport
Exterior Interior
Lilypad Contest Hall.png Lilypad Contest Hall interior.png Lilypad Colosseum.png Lilypad Airport.png



Language Name Origin
Japanese スイレンタウン Suiren Town From 睡蓮 suiren, water lily
English Lilypad Town From lily pad
French Nénupharville From nénuphar, water lily
German Seerosenau From Seerosen (water lily) and -au (suffix for settlements near water)
Italian Città di Ninfea From Nymphaea
Spanish Pueblo Nenúfar* From nenúfar, water lily
Pueblo Lilypad* Same as English name
Korean 수련마을 Suryeon Maeul From 수련 (睡蓮) suryeon, water lily
Chinese (Mandarin) 睡蓮鎮 Shuìlián Zhèn From 睡蓮 shuìlián / seuihlìhn, water lily
Chinese (Cantonese) 睡蓮鎮 Seuihlìhn Jan
Polish Lilypad From its English name

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