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Strange House ストレンジャーハウス
Stranger House
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Strange House exterior B2W2.png
Map description: A house known for a sad incident that is said to keep people away.
Location: Base of Reversal Mountain
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Strange House Map.png
Location of Strange House in Unova.
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The Strange House (Japanese: ストレンジャーハウス Stranger House) is a lone house at the base of Reversal Mountain.

The Strange House is actively haunted by the ghost of a young girl, the same one who appeared on Marvelous Bridge in Pokémon Black and White. This ghost intentionally arranges furniture to force the player to enter various rooms. The player is able to leave the house at any time, though. At the end, the player will find the Lunar Wing.


Item Location Games
Spell Tag Spell Tag Library (basement), between the rows of bookshelves  B2  W2 
Full Heal Full Heal First floor, in the western room  B2  W2 
Dusk Stone Dusk Stone Library (basement), northwest of the eastern stairs  B2  W2 
Lunar Wing Lunar Wing Second floor, in the middle room  B2  W2 
Rare Candy Rare Candy Second floor, in the eastern room  B2  W2 


Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Raticate Raticate
B2 W2
Inside Inside
32-34 15%
Golbat Golbat
B2 W2
Inside Inside
32-33 15%
Banette Banette
B2 W2
Inside Inside
32-34 15%
Gothita Gothita
B2 W2
Inside Inside
31 20%
Gothorita Gothorita
B2 W2
Inside Inside
33-34 5%
Solosis Solosis
B2 W2
Inside Inside
31 20%
Duosion Duosion
B2 W2
Inside Inside
34 5%
Litwick Litwick
B2 W2
Inside Inside
31-33 30%
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Trainer Pokémon
First floor
Backpacker Boone
Backpacker Boone
レイジロウ Reijirō
Reward: $864
Numel Numel Lv.36
No item
Sigilyph Sigilyph Lv.36
No item
Second floor
Psychic Lynette
Psychic Lynette
シオリ Shiori
Reward: $1152
Drifloon Drifloon Lv.36
No item
Spoink Spoink Lv.36
No item
Drifblim Drifblim Lv.36
No item


  • Bookshelves
Top left – "There is a Pokémon called Cresselia in the far Sinnoh region. Its wings shine like the crescent moon and keep nightmares away."
Bottom left – "There are Pokémon called Hypno. Each one carries a pendulum that it can swing to make people drowsy. It has been said that a Hypno once hypnotized a child and took it away..."
Top center – "There is a Pokémon called Darkrai in the far Sinnoh region. To protect itself, it drives people and Pokémon away with terrible nightmares."
Bottom center – "Some Pokémon know a move called Dream Eater. With this move, a Pokémon attacks while the target is asleep and eats its dream. It restores HP equal to half of the damage inflicted on the target."
Top right – "There are Pokémon called Drowzee. They put others to sleep and eat their dreams. Eating nightmares can upset their stomachs."
Bottom right – "Some Pokémon have the Forewarn Ability. A Pokémon with this Ability is alerted to one of the opposing Pokémon’s moves. High-power moves will be recognized first."
  • Ghost
First encounter –
"An everlasting dark dream...
An endless dream of darkness...
Dad, Mom, Abra...
Where are you...?"
Second encounter –
"In the dark dream...
I heard my dad’s voice...
Forget about the Lunar Wing...
Please stay here with me..."
Third encounter –
"Oh... The Lunar Wing...
I can’t take it now...
But it’ll be OK...
Please return the wing to the Pokémon...
I was waiting on the bridge so I could return it myself..."


Version Entrance Hall Library Rooms 1-2 Rooms 3-5
Black 2 Strange House entrance B2W2.png Strange House B1F B2W2.png Strange House 1F B2W2.png Strange House 2F B2W2.png
White 2

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Strange House in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Solosis Psychic Plasma Blast Common 42/101 Megalo Cannon Common 034/076
Duosion Psychic Plasma Blast Uncommon 43/101 Megalo Cannon Common 035/076


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 陌生人之家 Mahksāngyàhn jī Gā
Mandarin 陌生人之家 Mòshēngrén zhī Jiā
France Flag.png French Manoir de l'Étrange
Germany Flag.png German Bizarro-Haus
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa Bizzarra
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스트레인저하우스 Stranger House
Spain Flag.png Spanish Villa Horroris

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