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Pokémon Johto Collection cover
Pokémon Johto Collection opened

The Pokémon Johto Collection is a Region 4 Collector's Pokédex Book DVD set released by Magna Pacific (now known as Beyond Home Entertainment) in Australia on December 1, 2011 and in New Zealand on December 5, 2011. It contains 18 discs with 158 episodes across them combined. Its catalogue number is DBX13777. The DVDs don't include English closed captioning.

It contains all of the regular dubbed episodes that take place in Johto. It contains episodes from The Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, Master Quest and Advanced. In Region 4 releases, the episodes are ordered and separated according to standard seasons, rather than by VIZ Media season. The final episode of the VIZ Media season Master Quest, Hoenn Alone!, is not included, as it is set in Hoenn rather than Johto.


The discs come in a large book, designed to resemble the Johto Pokédex.

The front cover and back cover together include portraits of all 100 Generation II Pokémon. Inside the front cover is a map of the Kanto and Johto regions in the anime from this map.

The book has slots for 2 discs on each side of each page. Next to each disc in the book is an episode listing for that disc as well as a profile of a Pokémon that is featured in at least one of the episodes. This profile includes an original description, its height and weight (in metric units), its types, its category, its Abilities (but not its Hidden Ability), and its evolutionary line. The episodes are numbered from 1 to 158.


Disc number Featured
1 Totodile A Tent Situation
The Rivalry Revival
Don't Touch That 'dile
The Double Trouble Header
A Sappy Ending
Roll On, Pokémon!
Illusion Confusion!
Flower Power
2 Chikorita Spinarak Attack
Snubbull Snobbery
The Little Big Horn
The Chikorita Rescue
Once in a Blue Moon
The Whistle Stop
Ignorance is Blissey
A Bout With Sprout
3 Marill Fighting Flyer with Fire
For Crying Out Loud
Tanks a Lot!
Charizard's Burning Ambitions
Grin to Win!
Chikorita's Big Upset
Foul Weather Friends
The Superhero Secret
Mild 'n Wooly
4 Cyndaquil Wired for Battle!
Good 'Quil Hunting
A Shadow of a Drought
Going Apricorn!
Gettin' The Bugs Out
A Farfetch'd Tale
Tricks of the Trade
The Fire-ing Squad!
No Big Woop!
5 Houndour Tunnel Vision
Hour of the Houndour
The Totodile Duel
Hot Matches!
Love, Totodile Style
Fowl Play!
Forest Grumps
The Psychic Sidekicks!
The Fortune Hunters
6 Sudowoodo A Goldenrod Opportunity
A Dairy Tale Ending
Air Time!
The Bug Stops Here
Type Casting
Fossil Fools
Carrying On!
Hassle in the Castle
7 Wobbuffet Two Hits and a Miss
A Hot Water Battle
Hook, Line, and Stinker
Beauty and the Breeder
A Better Pill to Swallow
Power Play!
Mountain Time
8 Ariados Imitation Confrontation
The Trouble With Snubbull
Ariados, Amigos
Wings 'N' Things
The Grass Route
The Apple Corp!
Houndoom's Special Delivery
A Ghost of a Chance
From Ghost to Ghost
9 Murkrow Trouble's Brewing
All That Glitters!
The Light Fantastic
Moving Pictures
Spring Fever
Freeze Frame
The Stolen Stones!
The Dunsparce Deception
10 Smeargle The Wayward Wobbuffet
Sick Daze
Ring Masters
The Poké Spokesman
Control Freak!
The Art of Pokémon
The Heartbreak of Brock
Current Events
Turning Over A New Bayleef
11 Ampharos Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
The Big Balloon Blow-Up
The Screen Actor's Guilt
Right On, Rhydon!
The Kecleon Caper
The Joy of Water Pokémon
Got Miltank?
Fight for the Light!
Machoke, Machoke Man!
12 Corsola Around the Whirlpool
Fly Me to the Moon
Takin' It on the Chinchou
A Corsola Caper!
Mantine Overboard!
Octillery The Outcast
Dueling Heroes
The Perfect Match!
13 Noctowl Plant It Now... Diglett Later
Hi Ho Silver... Away!
The Mystery is History
A Parent Trapped!
A Promise is a Promise
Throwing in the Noctowl
Nerves of Steelix!
Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!
14 Xatu Espeon, Not Included
For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll
Extreme Pokémon!
An EGG-sighting Adventure!
Hatching a Plan
Dues and Don'ts
Just Waiting On a Friend
A Tyrogue Full of Trouble
Xatu the Future
15 Magcargo Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution
Rage Of Innocence
As Cold as Pryce
Nice Pryce, Baby!
Whichever Way the Wind Blows
Some Like it Hot
Hocus Pokémon
As Clear as Crystal
Same Old Song and Dance
16 Cleffa Enlighten Up!
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?
Wish Upon a Star Shape
Outrageous Fortunes
One Trick Phony!
I Politoed Ya So!
Beauty is Skin Deep
Fangs for Nothin'
Great Bowls of Fire!
17 Larvitar Better Eight Than Never
Why? Why Not!
Just Add Water
Lapras of Luxury
Hatch Me If You Can
Entei at Your Own Risk
A Crowning Achievement
Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid
You're a Star, Larvitar!
18 Sneasel Address Unown!
Mother of All Battles
Pop Goes The Sneasel
A Claim to Flame!
Love, Pokémon Style
Tie One On!
The Ties That Bind
Can't Beat the Heat!
Playing with Fire!
Johto Photo Finish
Gotta Catch Ya Later!


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