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Volume 42
Pokémon Adventures
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Pokémon Adventures volume 43
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Chapters included PS457 - PS464
Manga series Pokémon Adventures

Volume 43: The Blessing of Happiness/Happiness and Blessing is the 43rd volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga. It is both the third and final volume in the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc and the first of the Black & White arc. It is authored by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by 山本サトシ Satoshi Yamamoto.

In VIZ Media's translation, this volume is published as volume one of a separately numbered series, "Pokémon Adventures: Black & White".


Meet Pokémon Trainer Black! His entire life Black has dreamed of winning the Pokémon League... Now he embarks on a journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokédex for Professor Juniper. Time for Black’s first Pokémon Trainer battle ever!

Meet Pokémon Trainer White! Her entire life White has dreamed of making it in show biz. Now she runs a thriving talent agency for performing Pokémon. Will she make her favorite Pokémon, Tepig Gigi, into a star?

What will happen when Black and White cross paths with each other...and then with mysterious Team Plasma?


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan January 25, 2013 ISBN 9784091415837
First Edition by VIZ Media First
United States VIZ Media July 2, 2013 ISBN 9781421558981
Digital Edition by VIZ Media Digital
United States VIZ Media December 25, 2018 ISBN 9781974705948
First Edition by Shogakukan Asia First
Singapore Shogakukan Asia August 27, 2014 ISBN 9789810795887
First Edition by Panini Comics First
Argentina Panini Comics April 19, 2024 ISBN 9786079714512
First Edition by Panini Comics First
Brazil Panini Comics September 22, 2014 ISBN 9788542601602
First Edition by Panini Comics First
Germany Panini Comics October 8, 2013 ISBN 9783862017324
None.png First
Hong Kong Ching Win Publishing Group September 1, 2014 ISBN 9789888304066
First Edition by Panini Comics First
Mexico Panini Comics March 18, 2016 ISBN 9786079714512
First Edition by Daewon C.I. First
South Korea Daewon C.I. July 24, 2013 ISBN 9788968225239
First Edition by Ching Win Publishing Group First
Taiwan Ching Win Publishing Group February 14, 2015 ISBN 9789865127831
First Edition by Nation Edutainment First
Thailand Nation Edutainment January 30, 2014 ISBN 9786163231284
First Edition by Kim Đồng Publishing House First
Vietnam Kim Đồng Publishing House May 8, 2017 ISBN 9786042087537
Second Edition by Kim Đồng Publishing House Second
Vietnam Kim Đồng Publishing House July 5, 2020 ISBN 9786042173124


Important events

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Party changes





The VIZ Media release omits the first four chapters from the volume. These chapters were later included on Volume 42. Similar splits were done with Volume 14 and Volume 15, where the final chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc was moved from the beginning of Volume 15 to the end of Volume 14, and later with Volume 22 and Volume 23, where the first two chapters of the FireRed & LeafGreen arc were moved to Volume 23.

The first four chapters have also been omitted from the German, Brazilian, and Latin American releases by Panini Comics, and later included on Volume 42 as well.

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