Peril Cliffs

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Peril Cliffs イノチがけ
Inochi Cliffs
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Peril Cliffs Ranger2.png
Map description: An extremely dangerous set of cliffs to which access is forbidden. Rare plant life and many kinds of wild Pokémon can be found here.
Location: North of Union Road
Region: Almia
Generations: IV
Peril Cliffs Ranger2 map.png
Location of Peril Cliffs in Almia.
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Peril Cliffs (Japanese: イノチがけ Inochi Cliffs) is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

The Peril Cliffs are an extremely dangerous set of cliffs to which access is usually forbidden. Rare plant life and many kinds of wild Pokémon can be found here. The cliffs are located halfway along Union Road. The player first comes here with Barlow to discover the cause of some earthquakes. They encounter a Team Dim Sun member trying to dig a tunnel using two Rampardos and must capture one of them. The other is taken on by Barlow.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
021 Spearow Flying PA.png Flying Cut 1
074 Geodude Rock PA.png Rock Crush 1
075 Graveler Rock PA.png Rock Crush 2
066 Machop * Fighting PA.png Fighting None -
056 Mankey Fighting PA.png Fighting Crush 1
081 Magnemite Recharge PA.png Recharge Recharge 2
127 Pinsir Bug PA.png Bug Cut 2
142 Aerodactyl * Flying PA.png Flying Crush 4
204 Pineco Bug PA.png Bug Tackle 1
207 Gligar Flying PA.png Flying Cut 1
246 Larvitar Rock PA.png Rock Crush 1
322 Numel Ground PA.png Ground Burn 1
303 Mawile Steel PA.png Steel Crush 2
304 Aron Steel PA.png Steel Tackle 1
397 Staravia Flying PA.png Flying Cut 2
421 Cherrim Grass PA.png Grass Tackle 2
409 Rampardos * Rock PA.png Rock Tackle 5
410 Shieldon * Steel PA.png Steel None -

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