Haruba Village

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Haruba Village ハルバむら
Haruba Village
Haruba Village
Connecting locations
North Haruba Desert
South None
West Pueltown, Boyleland
East Capture Arena
Haruba Village on the map of Almia
Location of Haruba Village in Almia

Haruba Village (Japanese: ハルバむら Haruba Village) is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

When the player first arrives by boat, a vicious sandstorm is blowing due to a Gigaremo hypnotizing the Hippopotas. After the Gigaremo is destroyed, the sandstorm stops and the Hippopotas leave the village. The oasis remains dried up until it is refilled by heavy rain as part of a quest.


Haruba Village has a population of 18, exactly the same as Vientown and Boyleland.


SoA Quest icon.png
Cacturne Research
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Grass Defenseccard.png Grass Defense
This time, it's Cacturne I'm after.
They are supposedly in the desert, but
they've thus far eluded my eye.
May I ask you to bring one here?
SoA Quest icon.png
Smell of Skuntank and Weezing
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Dark Defenseccard.png Dark Defense
So, you may ask yourself, "What is missing from Oscar's vast collection of fragrances?"
Why, none other than Weezing and Skuntank!
I implore you to bring them back to me.
Both together, naturally!
SoA Quest icon.png
Capture Gigaremo Units?
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Ghost Defenseccard.png Ghost Defense
I was in Hippowdon Temple when I saw them!
They must be the latest model of Gigaremo!
And, wonder of wonders, they were moving
about on their own power!
Isn't this where you come in?
SoA Quest icon.png
Who Is on Hippowdon's Nose?
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Little Boy
449mssoa.png New Partner Pokémon
I saw it! Something big and weird squirming
around on the nose of Hippowdon Temple!
It could've been a Pokémon!
Can you go look, Ranger?
SoA Quest icon.png
Bring Back the Oasis
SoA Quest icon.png
Haruba Village
Old Woman
Recoveryccard.png Recovery
Please bring a Pokémon that can summon rain.
And please keep it a secret from the children.
I have heard rumors of a Pokémon that put
out the terrible fire in Vien Forest by bringing
about a downpour.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハルバむら Haruba Village Possibly halva.
English Haruba Village From its Japanese name.
French Village Alorize
German Haruba-Dorf From its Japanese name.
Italian Villaggio Haruba From its Japanese name.
Spanish Pueblo Haruba From its Japanese name.

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