Shiver Camp

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Shiver Camp ブルブルキャンプ
Shivering Camp
Shiver Camp
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West Hia Valley
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Shiver Camp on the map of Almia
Location of Shiver Camp in Almia

Shiver Camp (Japanese: ブルブルキャンプ Shivering Camp) is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

The Shiver Camp is a base used by a Pokémon research team in the east of Hia Valley. The team studies Pokémon that live in cold environments. The cheerful research team is led by Murph's father. There is very little in the village due to it being in a remote location.


Shiver Camp's population is seven, making it the least-populated location in Almia. This is due to it being a remote location and its cold climate.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
398 Staraptor Flying PA.png Flying Fly -


These are the quests which can be found in Shiver Camp:

SoA Quest icon.png
Abomasnow Research
SoA Quest icon.png
Shiver Camp
Fighting Defenseccard.png Fighting Defense
I came to Hia Valley on orders from Prof.
Hastings to study Abomasnow up close.
May I ask you to bring one here?
SoA Quest icon.png
Melt the Ice!
SoA Quest icon.png
Shiver Camp
Water Defenseccard.png Water Defense
Crysta Cave can be one dangerous place.
Huge chunks of ice rumble and come crashing
down every so often.
This time around there are three big blocks
of ice in the way. Can you deal with them?
SoA Quest icon.png
Murph's Disappearing Act
SoA Quest icon.png
Shiver Camp
Steel Defenseccard.png Steel Defense
I woke up this morning to find Murph missing!
I hate to impose, but please search for Murph.
Come to think of it, he said he wanted to ask
Mrs. Winter something yesterday.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブルブルキャンプ Shivering Camp From ブルブル buruburu (onomatopoeia for shivering) and camp.
English Shiver Camp From its Japanese name.
French Campement Froidur From froid (cold).
German Camp Fröstel From frösteln (shiver) and frost.
Italian Campo Sottozero Means "Below zero".
Spanish Estación Álgida From álgido (algid).


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