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PS563 : Charging After Elektrike
X & Y arc
PS565 : Fast-Thinking Froakie
Corphish Pinches
Heigani, Grip
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 564 in Vol. 57
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 16 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Route 5

Corphish Pinches (Japanese: ヘイガニ、はさむ Heigani, Grip) is the 564th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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West of Lumiose City lies Kalos Route 5, where the group finds themselves at the local skate park, frequented by roller skaters from across the country to demonstrate their skills. With the clip-on skates he received from Korrina, Tierno proves to be just as skilled and puts on a performance that earns him applause from his friends, their Pokémon, and other bystanders. The sight prompts Trevor to think about the group's dreams, including Tierno's dream of being a dancer. While Tierno is happy at this, he's also concerned that his display risks drawing the attention of Team Flare, but Shauna points out that X himself wanted to come, so there shouldn't be a problem if "Team Flare's biggest target said it was fine". The group notes that X has been hiding under the tent above Y's Rhyhorn ever since to study the Kalos Pokédex.

Looking at the Pokédex, X thinks over Professor Sycamore's explanation on how the Pokédex divides Pokémon based on the three regions of Kalos and is designed to switch between them. He finds that the Pokédex not only tracks information on Pokémon he has and their Mega Evolutions, but data on Pokémon he's encountered as well. Scrolling through, X discovers that the Pokédex has indeed picked up on Xerneas and Yveltal, only for Y to ask if he's ready to go. X declines, also pointing out that Tierno wants to skate more, and Trevor points to a skate rail on a nearby hill Tierno can use.

Glancing over the course, Tierno proceeds to skate down it only to collide into a stranger. As he gets up, Tierno discovers that the stranger has dropped a document titled "Poké Ball Factory Takeover Plan". The stranger, revealed to be a Team Flare Admin, also recovers and demands the document back. Dodging her tackle, Tierno reads the document and realizes they contain detailed instructions for infiltrating the factory near Laverre City and stealing all the Poké Balls within. He demands an explanation from the Admin, who admits that Team Flare believes that the universal access of Poké Balls has allowed unqualified civilians to capture Pokémon for themselves, turning the world ugly and distorted; their goal is to take away that power and give it to Team Flare, who they believe to be qualified.

Deciding that he must inform the others, Tierno escapes down the skate rail, prompting the Admin to have her Flygon use Earth Power to bend the rail and send Tierno flying. The ruckus catches X's attention, who rushes over to Tierno's side and Mega Evolves Kanga to do battle. The Admin recognizes the boys as being from the group of children Team Flare is pursuing and disrupts X's attack with another Earth Power, gloating that the two can't do a thing to her as long as she's airborne, and decides to steal X's Mega Ring as well. As Tierno grimaces, X shows him the Pokédex entry for his Corphish, suggesting that they may have a chance if Corphish can disable Flygon's wings with its pincers. While X has his Pokémon distract the Admin, Tierno skates up the broken rail and sends Corphish flying towards the Admin and her Flygon. Corphish manages to clamp onto Flygon's wing and twist it around, severely hurting Flygon and sending it crashing to the ground with the Admin. The boys quickly escape as the Admin swears revenge.

Back at the group, Tierno demonstrates a new dance move inspired by Corphish's attack, much to the approval of his friends. As they move on, Trevor muses that perhaps this journey will be about the group taking one step closer to fulfilling their dreams instead of constantly being on the run.

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PS563 : Charging After Elektrike
X & Y arc
PS565 : Fast-Thinking Froakie
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