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PS426 : Softening Up Kakuna
Platinum arc
PS428 : Outlasting Ledian
Uprooting Seedot/VS Seedot
VS タネボー
VS Taneboh
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 427 in Vol. 39
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 90 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Battle Factory

Uprooting Seedot/VS Seedot or Jamming Signals (Japanese: VS タネボー VS Taneboh or 妨害の電波 Jamming Waves) is the 427th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Palmer and Argenta are investigating the communication systems, alongside Riley. After discovering that Thorton's analyzing device didn't cause the breakdown in the system, Palmer asks Riley what he thinks. Riley claims to feel an Aura that's coming from somewhere outside the facility, comparing it to the Spear Pillar.

Meanwhile, Platinum is continuing her challenge of the Battle Factory. Using Toxic Spikes and Pin Missile, she defeats a Kadabra and then poisons the Seedot that switches in. The poisoning causes the Seedot to faint, making Platinum the winner of the match. The Battle Arcade announcer appears and reveals that Dahlia is currently in training since she lost, as it was the first time she lost since the Battle Frontier opened. Thorton suddenly buzzes, startling the speakers, and begins to watch Platinum. She is currently choosing what Pokémon she would like to trade. Thorton explains the trading system while Platinum decides to finally trade her Grimer for a Kadabra. Thorton claims that the most important part of challenging the Battle Factory is knowledge, both of your own Pokémon and your opponent's for trading.

In Platinum's 14th battle, she is using a Qwilfish against a Porygon, and defeats it using Destiny Bond. She is one set away from her battle against Thorton. Argenta and Palmer walk by, discussing the communications system, when they are stopped by watching Platinum battle. She finishes her final set and, confused, looks around for Thorton. Suddenly, she jumps at a loud buzz behind her, which is Thorton holding his machine. He claims that her team is 93%, but won't reveal what that number means. After the guide confirms that he must use rental Pokémon as well, the match starts.

In the first match, Platinums uses Loudred and Thorton uses Tyranitar. Loudred uses Stomp, but is overpowered by Tyranitar and thrown backwards. After more fighting, Loudred uses Roar, sending Tyranitar back and replacing it with Ledian. Thorton, angered, commands Ledian to use Supersonic, but Loudred is unaffected due to its Soundproof Ability. Thorton asks Platinum what all the sound-based moves are and she rattles every one off, to his surprise. He then uses Focus Punch, knocking out Loudred and switching back to Tyranitar. Platinum sends out Kadabra, and uses Psycho Cut, making Thorton laugh and remind Platinum that Psychic moves don't affect Dark-type Pokémon. Platinum replies that Kadabra also used Miracle Eye, making Tyranitar susceptible to all moves.

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PS426 : Softening Up Kakuna
Platinum arc
PS428 : Outlasting Ledian
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