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PS424 : Exit Empoleon
Platinum arc
PS426 : Softening Up Kakuna
Cooling Off Heatran
Charon's Ambition
VS ヒードラン
VS Heatran
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 425 in Vol. 39
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 88 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures

Cooling Off Heatran (Japanese: VS ヒードラン VS Heatran), titled VS Heatran in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 425th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the ninth chapter of the Platinum arc.

It is subtitled Charon's Ambition (Japanese: 野望のプルート Ambitious Pluto) in the VIZ Media translation and Ambitious Charon in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Buck admits to releasing Heatran and allowing Charon to capture it. Charon uses Heatran to attack Buck and Looker, causing them to hide underneath Looker's Invisible Cloak. Charon reveals his identity to Looker, and his plan to capture Heatran. He tells them that he originally had no idea how to release Heatran, but saw Buck looking in the mountain and allowed him to lead Team Galactic to the correct place. Looker has an idea, and asks Buck to have his Claydol use Teleport. Before Buck can do so, a Team Galactic Grunt pulls off his cloak and then begin to attack. Looker uses the Protect Rock for protection as they run, and Buck asks what they would be using Teleport for since they can't escape and can't go somewhere that they've never been. Looker explains that he wants Buck to use Claydol's psychic power to find the Magma Stone among the rubble and place it back where it was. Charon tries to use Heatran to attack them, but Looker puts the Super Hard Tight Tape around his mouth so he can't give Heatran commands. After Buck finds the Magma Stone, Looker asks Charon what he wants Heatran for while ripping the tape off of his mouth. Charon informs them that they're collecting an arsenal to move to "the other side". Looker confirms that Charon is talking about the Distortion World.

Meanwhile at the Battle Arcade, Platinum is still battling Dahlia. Platinum then lands the final blow on her Rapidash while using Dahlia's Medicham, winning the match. She tearfully thanks her Pokémon for fighting so hard and promises to heal them up right away, while receiving the commemorative print for the Battle Arcade. Dahlia reminds Platinum that she had a question, and Platinum asks her if she knows about the Distortion World. Dahlia only knows it by name, and that it's on the other side of this world. After asking how to get there, Dahlia says that she's heard no one can get there.

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PS424 : Exit Empoleon
Platinum arc
PS426 : Softening Up Kakuna
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