Platinum's Lopunny

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Platinum's Lopunny
プラチナのミミロップ Platinum's Mimilop
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Platinum Lopunny.png
Platinum's Lopunny
Debuts in To and Fro with Froslass
Caught at Sinnoh
Gender Female
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Naive
Current location With Platinum
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Platinum's Lopunny (Japanese: プラチナのミミロップ Platinum's Mimilop) is a Pokémon that Platinum owns in Pokémon Adventures and her third overall. She is Platinum's first capture after starting her journey. As of The Final Dimensional Duel X, she is at level 51, and her Characteristic is that she is "alert to sounds."


Diamond & Pearl arc

Lopunny battling Volkner's Elekid

Platinum caught Lopunny sometime prior to Striking Out Snover, and was her first capture after starting her journey to Mt. Coronet. She was first seen in To and Fro with Froslass, participating in Platinum's Gym battle against Candice and her Abomasnow. Lopunny initially struggled due to Platinum's hesitancy since they had never battled before, but she soon shook it off and used Lopunny's agility and dance like movements to defeat Abomasnow. Lopunny then went up against Froslass and was immediately pinned down to prevent her from using the same strategy and was defeated. Before being defeated though, Platinum had Lopunny use Healing Wish in order to bring Rapidash back to full health, allowing Platinum to win the battle.

In Shorting Out Electivire, Lopunny was Platinum's first choice in her battle against Volkner and called out against Elekid. Lopunny fired a barrage of Focus Blasts but ended up missing and getting hit by Focus Punch. Although Volkner thought the battle was over, Lopunny used her speed to sneak up behind Elekid and use Dizzy Punch, giving Platinum the first win.

Platinum arc

Cute Charm activated
Lopunny battling Darach's Houndoom

In Getting the Drop on Gallade II, Lopunny participated in Platinum's Battle Castle challenge. Lopunny is picked as her last resort against Darach due to Empoleon and Rapidash being close to defeat. She first went up against his Houndoom and almost took it out with one hit, but Houndoom endured thanks to its Focus Sash. Houndoom then countered with Fire Fang, but Platinum switched into Empoleon before the attack could hit. Lopunny was later sent out to battle against Darach's Gallade. Due to the type disadvantage and the damage taken from the battle before, Lopunny was easily outmaneuvered and took a direct hit from Night Slash. Barely standing, Lopunny managed to crawl over to Gallade and land a weak Dizzy Punch before fainting. Darach laughed at her weakness, but soon found out that Gallade was inflicted with Lopunny's Cute Charm Ability and confused by Dizzy Punch. This allowed Empoleon to easily defeat him, giving Platinum the win.

In Exit Empoleon, Lopunny fought in Platinum's Battle Arcade challenge. During the battle against Dahlia, Platinum and Dahlia had to switch Pokémon due to the roulette, meaning Lopunny and Platinum's other Pokémon were forced to fight against their Trainer. Although both sides were reluctant at first, both Platinum and her Pokémon manage to fight at their full strength, which eventually ended with Platinum as the victor.

When Platinum went to challenge the Battle Factory in Softening Up Kakuna, she sent Lopunny and her other Pokémon to search for Looker on Stark Mountain, who had gone missing. They soon return, heavily injured and exhausted with a similarly injured Looker and Buck.

In The Final Dimensional Duel IX, Lopunny appeared once more during the battle against Charon inside the Distortion World. During the battle it was revealed that Platinum's whole party had caught Pokérus through her three new Pokémon, powering them up.

Personality and characteristics

Lopunny and Platinum

Lopunny is a powerful and agile battler, being able to dance around her opponents with ease. Despite being powerful, Platinum often uses her to help the rest of her team fight, by either inflicting status conditions to opponents or healing her teammates. Lopunny has a strong connection with her Trainer and was the most reluctant of her Pokémon to fight her during the Battle Arcade match.

Moves used

Platinum Lopunny Jump Kick.png
Using Jump Kick
Move First Used In
Jump Kick To and Fro with Froslass
Healing Wish To and Fro with Froslass
Focus Blast Shorting Out Electivire
Dizzy Punch Shorting Out Electivire
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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