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Great Gible/VS Gible
VS フカマル
VS Fukamaru
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 32
Round number 360
Location Team Galactic HQ
Veilstone Department Store
Lost Tower
Previous Round Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II
Next Round Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas

Great Gible/VS Gible or The End and Beginning (Japanese: VS フカマル VS Fukamaru or 終わりと始まり Endings and Beginnings) is the 360th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Saturn is bragging to himself about how he has hit Paka and Uji with his energy beam, and that they will be teleported far away. Satisfied with the job well done, Saturn starts playing computer games. Meanwhile, Diamond and Pearl untie themselves from the tree and discover Paka and Uji frozen in an impenetrable transparent box. Paka and Uji explain that they dreamed of doing the best training possible, so that they could be the best bodyguards ever. They wanted to have apprentices to train to pass on their legacy. They accept that this appears to be the end for them, and tell Diamond and Pearl to protect Platinum, stating that they know they can do it. Just then, they vanish into a blur of light. Pearl leans on Diamond, unable to comprehend what just happened, and that Platinum is not a tour guide. Diamond tears up, and reveals that he knew what happened, but he didn't tell Pearl because he worried that the trip would be over and that Platinum would leave them. Diamond and Pearl vow to protect Platinum and head off to find her.

Diamond and Pearl find Platinum in the sports section of the Veilstone Department Store. Platinum attempts to tell them that Prinplup evolved into an Empoleon, but is interrupted by Diamond and Pearl swearing to protect her with their lives. This confuses Platinum as she doesn't know about Paka and Uji. Meanwhile, Cyrus has returned and tells Saturn to stop playing games and to complete the Galactic Bomb. Saturn tells him of his plan to kidnap Platinum, but admits that he doesn't even have a photograph to go by. Hearing this, the Advanced level Grunt goes to the Lost Tower and retrieves a blurry photo of Platinum from the broken spybot.

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