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PS342 : A Conk on Cranidos's Cranium
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS344 : Belligerent Bronzor
Honey for Combee/VS Combee
VS ミツハニー
VS Mitsuhoney
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 343 in Vol. 30
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 6 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Honey for Combee/VS Combee (Japanese: VS ミツハニー VS Mitsuhoney or 花畑と甘い蜜 Flowerbed and Sweet Honey) is the 343rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Pearl and Diamond wake up to their beeping of the Pokédexes, which means that Platinum must be near them at the front door. Platinum announces that Floaroma Town is their next destination.

As they arrive, they admire the vast field of flowers blooming everywhere. Diamond and his Munchlax sniff something, and run off in that direction, knocking down a tree before they start licking the honey off of it. Pearl follows, warning Diamond that he is entering private property. Then, a young girl comes up and cries because they destroyed her precious tree that she had taken great care of. She had spread honey on the tree trunk because she wanted the Combee of the flower field to have it. Suddenly a swarm of wild Combee fly up and sting the boys. Fearing that Platinum would make fun of them if she saw this, Pearl sends Chatler to tell her to stay in the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop.

Diamond and Pearl then joke about Poké Balls to cheer the girl up as an apology. The girl laughs, but is reluctant to forgive them. She explains that her father is going to come back soon and meet her at the tree. Then, her father's Drifloon floats in the sky to their direction, tired and worn out from carrying a tattered lab coat. The girl gets worried and says that her father is working at Valley Windworks.

As the girl, Diamond, and Pearl go off to check things out, Platinum finds them and notices the girl crying. After Pearl explains where they were going, Platinum silently admires them for helping someone they just met by chance. As they arrive at Valley Windworks, the girl becomes frightened by the unusually strong gusts of wind that the station converts into electricity. When they realize that the doors are locked, Pearl has Chimler burn down the lock. Once the door opens, a Bronzor creeps up in front of them.

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PS342 : A Conk on Cranidos's Cranium
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS344 : Belligerent Bronzor
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