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PS335 : The Final Battle VIII
Emerald arc
PS337 : Epilogue
The Final Battle IX/The Final Showdown IX
The Final Battle IX
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 336 in Vol. 29
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 336 in Vol. 29
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Battle Tower

The Final Battle IX/The Final Showdown IX or Those Who Are Endowed (Japanese: 大決戦IX The Final Battle IX or 授けし者 The Awarded) is the 336th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The combination of Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Blast Burn blasts through the monster Kyogre. The Pokédex holders quickly realize that although they're attacking at full strength, the damage is still too small for it to truly defeat their opponent. Gold and Crystal reveal that Pika, Chuchu and Pibu had learned new skills before coming to the Battle Frontier. Summoning the powers of the Viridian Forest, Yellow has Pika, Chuchu, and Pibu use the ultimate Electric-type attack: Volt Tackle.

The attack rips through the monster Kyogre, causing it to explode into seawater and be defeated once and for all. Emerald claims that they did it with the combination of ten people, 12 Pokémon, and the ultimate combination. Everyone else burst into laughter once they see that the water that fell down from Kyogre's defeat has removed the gel in Emerald's hair, turning it back to its original style. With the rampaging Pokémon calmed down, Ruby assumes it must have been the work of the Green Orb core on Emerald's forehead due to its purpose of controlling Rayquaza. Gold tells him that they should truly thank Emerald's ability to determine a Pokémon's birthplace. When Crystal asks how Emerald calmed the rampaging Pokémon down, as she notes how it's not likely that they all came from the same place. Emerald reveals that the soil came from Faraway Island, which is the island of the Mythical Pokémon Mew. Since Mew is said to have the DNA of all Pokémon, the soil of its birthplace calmed down the rampaging Pokémon.

Emerald notices something wading through the water. He picks it up, revealing it to be Archie. Emerald tells Archie that if he doesn't change his ways, he'll end up being all alone. Archie states that it doesn't matter, as he repeatedly abandons people, even the one who he share life's ups and downs with. Archie reveals that after the events in Sootopolis City, he and Maxie were ready to face death in the tornado of energy that they were trapped in.

In a flashback, Sird appears and opens the hatch of the air car. After exiting, Archie and Maxie find themselves in an area of light. Sird tells them that it would be a waste if such evil were to be destroyed. They assume that she had come to help them, but Sird corrects them by stating that there is no help for them. Sird reveals that because of their overexposure to the Red and Blue Orbs, Archie and Maxie's bodies are starting to be destroyed. To counter this, Sird offers the two a suit of armor named Eternity and a sword named Instant. She explains that Instant is forged from a metal that can reflect attacks in the blink of an eye, while Eternity is like Mirage Island in that it has the ability to slow down time for the wearer. Since their bodies are being destroyed, Archie and Maxie guess that Eternity can slow down the process and save them. Archie and Maxie beg Sird for the armor and sword, but she reveals that she only has one of each. Sird tells the two that they will have to fight each other, and that whoever wins will win the armor and sword.

Back in the present, Sapphire is horrified at the implication that Archie had murdered Maxie to get the armor. Ruby realizes that he wasn't wearing the armor to hide his identity, but to slow down the passage of time on his body. Archie continues his story to after he won and obtained the armor and sword: Sird offers to give Archie a new name to match what his purpose is. Archie tells her that his goal is to use the sea to dominate everything. Hearing this gives Sird the idea to christen Archie "Guile Hideout", for being the guile of the sea who hides behind a suit of armor. Lastly, Archie reveals he learned about Jirachi there as well. Emerald interrupts Archie at that moment, stating that they have to work to find out how to stop his body from disappearing. Suddenly, Archie's Masquerain appears and threatens Emerald with its horn.

Archie desperately begins looking for his armor in the water. He appears to find the armor and decides to have Jirachi create the monster Kyogre once again with its last wish, but nothing happens. Emerald reveals that the armor Archie is wearing is the fake one Gold was wearing earlier. Archie continues to look for the real armor, but just as soon as he finds it, a bright flash of light covers the Battle Tower. Archie disappears, as well as the sword, armor, and his Masquerain with him.

With Archie finally defeated, Emerald falls asleep from exhaustion. Pika and Chuchu are reunited with their Trainers and present them with their hats. Latias and Latios watch from above, happy that Emerald has finally made bonds with others. Since they would only stay with him until a day like that would happen, they decide to return to Southern Island. As the sun shines, the Frontier Brains, Scott, and Todd Snap smile now that everything is over.

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PS335 : The Final Battle VIII
Emerald arc
PS337 : Epilogue
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