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Silly Scyther/Mighty Cuts, Scyther!
VS ストライク
VS Strike
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 13
Round number 158
Location Indigo Plateau
Previous Round Magnificent Magnemite
Next Round Popular Pupitar

Silly Scyther or Mighty Cuts, Scyther! (Japanese: VS ストライク VS Strike) is the 158th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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As Sabrina prepares to return to the Indigo Plateau stage for her match, she passes by her opponent, Bugsy, talking to Kurt and his granddaughter Maizie about the capture net Kurt made for Bugsy. The three of them eventually notice Sabrina, who turns to walk away. Meanwhile, Lt. Surge's Magnemite delivers a Zap Cannon to knock out its opposition, Morty's Misdreavus. Just as Mary is about to declare Lt. Surge the victor, she, followed by the rest of the audience, notice with surprise that his Magnemite is also down. Morty explains that his Misdreavus had used Destiny Bond. Thus, Mary declares the match a draw. Morty walks up to Lt. Surge to offer his hand for a handshake, but his hand gets punched instead. Lt. Surge rudely warns Morty not to talk about the enemy he was seeking revenge on.

Sabrina and Bugsy eventually commence their battle. Bugsy, noting that his type has an advantage over Sabrina's, immediately calls his Scyther forward to deliver a Fury Cutter on Sabrina's Mr. Mime. Bugsy then switches out for his Heracross who delivers a Megahorn on the same opponent. The Kanto bench looks on with unease. Sabrina finally responds by ordering a Confusion from Mr. Mime, and Heracross responds by enduring the attack. Heracross charges forward to finish off Mr. Mime, but hits something in the way. Sabrina and her Mr. Mime then tower over Bugsy and Heracross by standing on an invisible stairway. After being told that they are trapped in an invisible house with only one exit, Bugsy initially tries to locate the exit but then decides on tearing down the wall, thus orders Heracross to use Take Down. However, Heracross uses Endure again, causing Bugsy to realize that Encore was being used on it. Sabrina thus has her Mr. Mime fire a Psybeam through the invisible walls to knock Heracross out and hand Sabrina the match, bringing Kanto back on level terms again.

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  • In the Korean version, it doesn't label the start of this round on page 57.

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