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Old Journal
Old Journal
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Old Journal
Pokémon Legends: Arceus artwork
Introduced in Generation VIII
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The Old Journal (Japanese: ふるいにっき Old Journal) is a Key item introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It is the more complete version of the Torn Journal.

In the core series games


The Old Journal only appears in the Alabaster Icelands during Request 82: "Traces of a Lost Village". It replaces the Torn Journal.

When picked up, the player reads the following passages from the journal:

September 1

It's hard to believe it's been ... years now since ...and I began living together in the ...lage. I was flipp... through my old journal entries today and ...ppened to be reminded of th... ...I met once...

In an odd way... reminds me of the... that I met that day... But I remind myself th... I live in the real world, not in a ...rld of old fairy tales. Surely such things c... be true...
January 3

Why did I do it? Why d... I have to remember that ...? Why speak of ... to my dear ...? I regret so m... ...t it's too late for reg... now...

...is gone. I have lost ... forever, I know it. ... disappeared, leavi... behind but th... driven snow... Oh woe, why did I ...er speak of it? If only I h... held my tongue, kept my ...ilence, I wouldn't have ever been ...ed to kno... such grief...

It cannot be read again from the satchel. The item disappears during the conversation with Mani at the end of the request.


Games Description
A stab-bound journal that once had pages torn from it. All the pages have been collected and restored.


Games Method
LA Avalanche Slopes (near two Snorunt)


  • In-game, the Old Journal is added to the inventory and then the Torn Journal is removed, leaving a blank position in the inventory.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 古老日記 Gúlóuh Yahtgei
Mandarin 古老日記 / 古老日记 Gǔlǎo Rìjì
France Flag.png French Vieux Journal
Germany Flag.png German Altes Journal
Italy Flag.png Italian Vecchio diario
South Korea Flag.png Korean 낡은일기 Nalgeun Ilgi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Diario Antiguo

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