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These are N's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Black and White

Accumula Town
  • Before battle
"Your Pokémon... Just now, it was saying..."
"Yes, they're talking. Oh. Then, you two can't hear it, either... How sad. My name is N."
"The Pokédex, eh? So... You're going to confine many, many Pokémon in Poké Balls for that, then. I'm a Trainer, too, but I can't help wondering... Are Pokémon really happy that way?"
"Well, <player>, is it? Let me hear your Pokémon's voice again!"
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"More! Let me hear the voice of your Pokémon!"
  • Being defeated
"I never expected to hear Pokémon say such things..."
  • After being defeated
"As long as Pokémon are confined in Poké Balls... Pokémon will never become perfect beings. I have to change the world for Pokémon, because they're my friends."
Nacrene City
"I... want to see things no one can see. The truths of Pokémon inside Poké Balls. The ideals of how Trainers should be. And a future where Pokémon have become perfect... Do you feel the same?"
Yes: "That so? I think my friends and I should test you to see if you can see this future, too."
No: "Huh. I expected more from you. Now pay attention. My friends and I will test you to see if you can see this future, too."
  • Being defeated
"I cannot see the future yet... The world is still to be determined..."
  • After being defeated
"Right now, my friends aren't strong enough to save all Pokémon. Maybe I can't solve the equation that will change the world. So, I need power... Power enough to make anyone agree with me."
"Now I know what power I need. ZekromB/ReshiramW! The legendary Pokémon that, along with the hero, created the Unova region. It's my turn to become that hero--and you and I will be friends!"
Nimbasa City
"You're looking for Team Plasma, right? They ran into the amusement park. Come with me."
"They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris wheels. The circular motion… The mechanics… They're like collections of elegant formulas."
"First, I must tell you... I am the king of Team Plasma. Ghetsis asked me to work with him to save Pokémon. I wonder how many Pokémon exist in this world..."
"There's no problem. You're part of the people we brought in to help us save the Pokémon. So, you're under my protection, as well. Go, quickly, and let my battle cover your retreat. ...Now then, <player>, do you follow my logic?"
Yes: "If true, your words please me. Ah. Then... The future I envision... Perhaps I can't beat you here and now, but I'll battle you to buy time for these members of Team Plasma to get away!"
No: "So that's how it is... That's unfortunate. Ah. Then... The future I envision... Perhaps I can't beat you here and now, but I'll battle you anyway to buy time for these members of Team Plasma to flee."
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"Your Pokémon look happy."
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Even if I lose, is it different from the future I saw?"
  • Being defeated
"The result was the same... But you... Who are you?"
  • After being defeated
"You're quite strong. But I have a future that I must change. And, for that future... I'll defeat the Champion and become unbeatable, unlike any other! I'll make all Trainers free their Pokémon! Just try and stop me! If you want to be together with Pokémon, your only hope is to collect the Badges from each area and head for the Pokémon League! Try and stop me there, if you dare! If your conviction is not strong enough, you will never be able to defeat me."
Chargestone Cave
"Ah, yes. That was the Shadow Triad, just now. Ghetsis enlisted them in Team Plasma. Apparently, they were the ones who prepared the Galvantula nest at the cave entrance."
"Chargestone Cave... I like this place. Formulas express electricity and its connection to Pokémon... If people did not exist, this would be an ideal place. You have been chosen, you know. Does it surprise you I said that?"
Yes: "Of course. Such news should be a surprise."
No: "Hmph. If you don't understand what that means, it's not likely to surprise you."
"I told Ghetsis about you and your friends. After I did, he apparently used the Shadow Triad to find out about you. Cheren is pursuing the ideal of strength. Poor Bianca has faced the sad truth that not everyone can become stronger. And you are not swayed either way--more of a neutral presence. Which is apparently a good thing. Team Plasma will be waiting for you ahead. Ghetsis wants to see what kind of Pokémon Trainer you really are."
  • Before battle
"Many different values mix together, and the world becomes gray... That is unforgivable! I will separate Pokémon and people, and black and white will be clearly distinct! Only then will Pokémon become perfect beings! Yes, that is my dream! That is the dream I must fulfill! <player>, do you have a dream of your own?"
Yes: "You have a dream... That's wonderful. I'll learn just what kind of dream you have--in battle!"
No: "As if a person without a dream could ever understand me! Eh... I guess... I have to crush your will here!"
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"Do you believe that Pokémon battles help us understand one another?"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"I will show you that my love for my friends permeates every cell of my body. Behold!"
  • Being defeated
"My friends getting hurt... That's what a Pokémon battle is."
  • After being defeated
"Tsk! Why? Is it impossible for me to win while feeling bad about being a Trainer? As if I could pursue my idealsB/the truthW with something as meaningless as a battle! As if that could make me worthy to become friends with the legendary Pokémon!"
"Professor Juniper, what are you thinking? You appear to have no qualms about the relationship between Pokémon and people. You put Pokémon into categories using arbitrary rules and think you can understand them like that... The very idea of a Pokédex revolts me. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"You're saying I should just allow people to think whatever they want and treat Pokémon however they want, no matter whether the Pokémon suffer? I refuse to tolerate the existence of a world like that!"
Mistralton City
"They may say it is for understanding one another better, but what Trainers really use battles for is to compete... And they hurt each others' Pokémon! Am I the only one who finds this terribly painful? Whatever... I'm going to talk to your Pokémon. I've been living with Pokémon since I was born, so it's easier for me to talk with them than with people. ...Because Pokémon never tell lies."
"Hey, <lead Pokémon>. Would you tell me what kind of Trainer <player> is?"
"OK, OK, got it. So <player> was born in Nuvema Town, lives with Mom, and was given the Pokédex to start off a journey to see the world. Still, this <lead Pokémon> trusts you for some reason. That's good! If every person and Pokémon cared about one another like you two do, I could watch over the future of people and Pokémon without having to liberate Pokémon from people who just use them."
"Ghetsis is using Team Plasma to search for some special stones--the Light Stone and the Dark Stone... These stones hold the essence of two legendary Pokémon. It is said that when they lost their physical form, they fell into a slumber and were transformed. Now, they wait for the hero's arrival... I shall resurrect a legendary Dragon-type Pokémon from one of these stones, and become its friend. That will show the world that I am the new hero. Everyone will follow what I say!"
"My vision is to change the world without using force. Trying to change the world by force will just make others resist. If people resist, the ones that will be hurt are the innocent Pokémon used by foolish Trainers. You understand. Pokémon are not just tools for people to use!"
"As a result... Pokémon and Trainers who care about one another, like you and your Pokémon, will be separated. And that does break my heart a little."
Dragonspiral Tower
"What do you think, <player>? How do you like the powerfulB/beautifulW form of the Pokémon who appears before and fights beside the hero that will lead the way to a new world?"
"Now, ZekromB/ReshiramW and I will head to the Pokémon League and defeat the Champion! This will be the last of the Pokémon battles that hurt Pokémon so. A world for Pokémon alone... It's finally going to be a reality."
"If you want to stop me, you must become a hero as well! That's right! When ZekromB/ReshiramW's counterpart, ReshiramB/ZekromW, recognizes you, we will finally be even, and then you can try to stop us!"
"Well, what will you do? My prediction... If the future that I see is true, you will meet ReshiramB/ZekromW. The Pokémon with you believe in you so strongly... Will you be the one who interferes with my formula for changing the world? If you want to protect the bonds between Pokémon and people, you must search for ReshiramB/ZekromW! I'm sure it is waiting for you in the form of the Light StoneB/Dark StoneW."
Pokémon League
"It's over! Never again will Pokémon be made to suffer or be held captive by humans. It's all thanks to my friend, ZekromB/ReshiramW! You may have the title of Champion… But you can't stop me with just a title. Your soft heart has left you weak. Years ago, you lost your Pokémon, your partner, to sickness. In order to forget the pain in your heart, you wandered Unova… Who knows how long it's been since you've had to fight with your full strength? I actually kind of like that about you, though. As a Trainer who far outmatches the Champion, I shall issue an order across Unova: Trainers of the world, free your Pokémon!"
"You and I both put our beliefs on the line and fought with all our strength. And I won. Do not say another word."
"...I've been waiting. In the future I envisioned, you obtained a stone. And, indeed, you have. That Light StoneB/Dark StoneW... ZekromB/ReshiramW is responding to it. Stop. This is not suitable for the legendary dragons! From the ground, rise up! The castle of Team Plasma! Surround the Pokémon League!"
"What has just appeared is Team Plasma's castle. The king's words will resound from the heights to all below. You must come to the castle, as well. Everything will be decided there. Whether Pokémon will be liberated from people, or whether Pokémon and people will live together… We will see whose belief is stronger... And our result will change the world."
N's Castle
"What I desire is a world for Pokémon, and Pokémon alone. I will separate Pokémon from people, so Pokémon can regain their original power."
"It's time to settle this once and for all! My determination is absolute! I will prove the value of my beliefs even if it means my Pokémon friends get hurt! Since you've come this far, I believe you are equally determined. If that's so, prove it to me! Show me the depth of your determination!"
"You came all this way to battle me… But ReshiramB/ZekromW is not responding. You haven't yet been recognized as the hero, have you? How disappointing. I actually kind of liked you a little. Through our many battles, I got the feeling that you might be a Trainer who truly cares for Pokémon!"
"But I was kidding myself. The idea of Trainers getting to know each other through battles is ridiculous! You have two options. Challenge me to a fight you can't win, or leave this place and watch the birth of a new world where Pokémon are free of people! ZekromB/ReshiramW! Come to me!"
"Your Light StoneB/Dark StoneW is… I mean, ReshiramB/ZekromW is…"
  • After ReshiramB/ZekromW has awakened
"Zekrom and Reshiram… They were once one life. One Pokémon. Complete opposites, yet the same. Zekrom and Reshiram are Pokémon that appear before the hero they recognize. Ah… I see. You really are a hero, too. I'll tell you what that Pokémon is saying to you. "I want to battle with you. Try to make me your friend and ally." It plans to test you to see if you are really pursuing truthB/idealsW. I, also, am curious to see how powerful you are. Now, catch ReshiramB/ZekromW and make it your ally!"
  • Before catching ReshiramB/ZekromW
"Get ready! Go after it! Reshiram will incinerate people who fail to keep truth in their heart."B
"Get ready! Go for it! Zekrom will bare its fangs at people who fail to follow their ideals."W
  • After catching ReshiramB/ZekromW
"Ah… I see. ReshiramB/ZekromW, who is said to lend its power to the hero who searches for truthB/idealsW, has recognized your power and now agrees to stand by your side…"
"Hold on. Your Pokémon are hurt. There is no triumph to be gained in battling a weakened opponent."
"Now, I will create the future I desire! I shall sweep you before me!"*
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"Do you really think you can stop us with that?"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"My last friend... Please share your courage with me!"
  • Last Pokémon at low health
"Is the world going to choose you, and not me?!"B
"Is the world going to choose you-- and not me?!"W
  • Being defeated
"Everything's ruined. The idealsB/truthW I held… The dreams Pokémon shared…"
  • After being defeated
"… … ZekromB/ReshiramW and I were beaten. Your truthB/idealsW… Your feelings… They were stronger than mine, it seems… ReshiramB/ZekromW and ZekromB/ReshiramW… Each of them choosing a different hero… Is that even possible? Two heroes living at the same time— one that pursues truthB/idealsW and one that pursues idealsB/truthW. Could… CouldB/Could…couldW they both be right? I don't know. It's not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction. This is truly the formula for changing the world."
  • After defeating Ghetsis
"But…I have no right to be the hero!"
"Acting like you understand… Up till now, we've been fighting each other over our beliefs! Yet, despite that… Why?!"
"I want to talk to you about something."
"It's about when I first met you in Accumula Town. I was shocked when I heard what your Pokémon was saying. I was shocked because that Pokémon said it liked you. It said it wanted to be with you."
"I couldn't understand it. I couldn't believe there were Pokémon that liked people. Because, up until that moment, I'd never known a Pokémon like that. The longer my journey continued, the more unsure I became. All I kept meeting were Pokémon and people who communicated with one another and helped one another. That was why I needed to confirm my beliefs by battling with you. I wanted to confront you hero-to-hero. I needed that more than anything."
"There's no way a person like me, someone who understands only Pokémon— No, actually… I didn't understand them, either. No way could I measure up to you, when you had met so many Pokémon and were surrounded by friends…"
"The Champion has forgiven me, and… What I should do now is something I'll have to decide for myself."
  • In Black:
Replied yes at Chargestone Cave: "<Player>! You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! <Player>! If anyone can, it's you! Well, then… Farewell!"
Replied no at Chargestone Cave: "Dream your dream! Follow the path of truth to make that dream a reality, and someday you will achieve all that you dreamed of! Well, then... Farewell!"
  • In White:
Replied yes at Chargestone Cave: "<Player>! You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, it's you! <Player>! Well, then… Farewell!"
Replied no at Chargestone Cave: "Dream your dream! Then, pursue the ideals to make that dream a reality, and someday you will achieve all that you dreamed of! Well then… Farewell!"

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Memory Link

  • Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye
"Thank you, my friend. Return to the peaceful life you lived before."
"I can't… I just can't keep Pokémon confined in Poké Balls! Also, if they stay with their Trainers, Pokémon will battle, and they will be hurt… Even if it is for changing the world to protect Pokémon… It's too hard for me to put them through so much pain..."
"Who decided that catching Pokémon and making them battle each other is how the world works? That wasn't how things were before Poké Balls were invented… The rules that govern this world are wrong!"
(To Grunt) "Not yet! The world hasn't changed yet! The time to free your Pokémon will be when I befriend the Unova region's legendary Dragon-type Pokémon, surpass the Champion, and become the hero!"
"I will separate Pokémon and people, and black and white will be clearly distinct! Only then will Pokémon become perfect beings! But then why… Why did those Pokémon seem so sad to leave me?"
"<linked player>! Is it because of that Trainer that my heart wavers now? Were the words of the Pokémon in Accumula Town really true? Does that mean <linked player> is an ideal Trainer?"'
"The cries of the suffering Pokémon filling that room… The borderline between Pokémon and humans... I exist on that line. I live in the margins between everyone, so I will save them! I will change the world! And to that end, I must fight to the finish with <linked player>"'
  • White and Black
"I'm here though…"'
"I've been worried about the people who believed in me… But it seems they know what they can do for Pokémon in their own ways."'
"Compared to them… What was I doing? What I really should have done was tell people how Pokémon feel…! The legendary Dragon-type Pokémon knew that. It has lived long and known many people. It knew humans and Pokémon have lived and will live together. It knew that in this relationship, humans' actions have an enormous impact on Pokémon. That's why it helps the one who searches for the idealB/truthW… the one who opens the way to the future."'
"It's not necessary… Separating the black from white and humans from Pokémon! If you think in terms of each individual life, this world was in a state that couldn't be divided any further. Possibilities are born out of combining and fusing these different lives! There are some things we can understand only by doing this. It will give form to unseen things. These formulas will restructure the world and make it richer!"'
"From their Poké Balls, I can hear the many different feelings Pokémon have about their Trainers! More than anything, I can hear their joy that they met people who need them!"'
"I'll go... For Pokémon, for Trainers, and for all lives… And for my friends who saved me!"'
Chargestone Cave
  • Just voice, off-screen
"Chargestone Cave -- I really like it here."
"Formulas express the forces behind electricity, its connection to Pokémon, and humans and Pokémon themselves."
"This -- this is my ideal place."
"I have to go…"
"I have to go in order to save Pokémon and protect the very friend that I have to stop!"
Giant Chasm
"Zekrom! Fusion Bolt!!B2/Reshiram! Fusion Flare!!W2
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 told me Kyurem is suffering! I can't allow selfish humans to make Pokémon suffer! And I like Unova. It's the place that taught me how to live as a human… It's the place that made me notice the harmony between Pokémon and humans living together… I will protect the Pokémon and humans who live here!"
"That's an ugly formula! It won't work!"
  • After ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 has reverted into its stone
"?! Z-Zekrom!!B2/R-Reshiram!!W2"
  • After Kyurem has become BlackB2/WhiteW2 Kyurem
"…! I never would have believed that Pokémon can fuse together… That there was a formula like this..."
  • Before challenging Kyurem
"It's faint, but I can hear my friend. I can hear Zekrom'sB2/Reshiram'sW2 voice. It says they can be separated again! I beg you! Please save my friend! And all of Unova's Pokémon and humans..."
  • After defeating Ghetsis
"It's hard to call you this, but… Father! Please understand. Pokémon are not tools. Pokémon and humans take each other to greater heights. They are our wonderful partners. Some humans understand this. Why can't you?"
(to the Shadow Triad member) "OK… Without Father, Team Plasma is…"
(to the player) "On behalf of everyone… Thank you. Kyurem is fine. Now, it has lost its power, but it will come here again."
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 says thank you as well! That's right... I can talk with Pokémon."
"On that day two years ago, a certain Trainer and Alder taught me something… By accepting different ideas, this world creates a different chemical reaction… So I met many different Pokémon and people and heard so much… And that's how my world quietly grew bigger… By being with Pokémon, humans can continue toward new horizons. By being with humans, Pokémon can exhibit their true power. That's what ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 taught me: the idealB2/truthW2 for Pokémon and me. And someday both ideals and truthB2/truth and idealsW2 will come together… Then Pokémon and humans will be freed from the oppression of Poké Balls."
"You! What are you and your Pokémon striving for? You should head to the Pokémon League and put your idealsB2/truthsW2 to the test!"
Victory Road
"You came…"
"The Pokémon League is just past Victory Road."
"Pokémon battles do nothing more than hurt Pokémon... That's how I understood it, and that's why I hated battles. But it's not that simple."
"Pokémon battles decide winners and losers, it's true. Yet they do so much more. Your Pokémon! You! Your opponents! And their Pokémon! Everyone can see what wonderful things the others have to contribute! That's right! Accepting different ideas--different beings--changes the world like a chemical reaction! Pokémon battles are like a catalyst: a small component that leads to big changes! My friend ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 taught me that... And it's the formula I've derived from traveling the world. I want you to think for yourself what it means."
"What's this? Why, you're the… You're the <Pokémon species> that helped me that time, aren't you? Hey, thanks!"
"Here! Take this with you! The new Victory Road has areas that are only accessible with Waterfall."
"Yes! If it's your Pokémon and you… You will get past the Pokémon League and recognize your own idealB2/truthW2! That's what I see in store for you!
N's Castle
  • Upon first entering
"You came…"
"This is Team Plasma's castle. The ruins of Ghetsis's dreams…"
"The deepest chamber of this castle... It's a place that holds a special meaning to me… I have to face you there! Follow me! Actually… Rather than leading you there, I'd prefer to follow. That way, I can see which path you choose and observe what catches your interest. So, I ask this of you! Take me to the deepest chamber of this castle!"
No: "Fine… I'll be waiting here for you, then."
Yes: "You lead, and I'll follow!"
  • If the player tries to leave
"What? You're leaving at a time like this? My formula didn't account for this variable…"
No: "Fine… Then take me to the deepest chamber."
Yes: "Fine… I'll be waiting here for you, then."
  • N's room
"This place… was my world."
"When I was little, I was abandoned deep in the woods."
"The ones who took me in and raised me were the Pokémon who lived there."
"Then, one day, a man appeared, claiming to be my father. That was…Ghetsis."
"The things he gave me were… the name "Harmonia"… the knowledge a king would need… Pokémon with their hearts shut so very tightly I couldn't even talk to them… and this room…"
"I'll be outside…"
  • After leaving N's room
"You lead, and I'll follow!"
  • If the player tries to enter N's room once again
"There is nothing more of interest there. Let's keep moving."
  • If talked to while walking
"I remember… This is the place where Anthea and Concordia took care of me as a child. The Seven Sages all taught me different things…"
  • After going upstairs
"This is our destination... Go inside."
  • If the player attempts to leave after going upstairs
"I want you to go inside."
  • Throne room
"That's the place!"
"It was two years ago. For the sake of Pokémon… For my ideal world…B2/For my world of truth…W2 I put my beliefs on the line and battle a certain Trainer! And I lost… But at the same time, I learned something important. To make the world better, you must accept different ideas."'
"I learned that this is the formula for changing the world. Accepting different ideas… I want to see if you a Trainer whose heart is strong enough to do that."
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2, come!"
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 always want to know what idealsB2/truthsW2 you seek and how good of a Trainer you are."
  • Before battle
"Battle with me. Are you prepared?"
No: "I'm ready whenever you are! I'll wait as long as it takes!"
Yes: "Show me the depth of your determination!"
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"More! Let me hear the voice of your Pokémon!"
  • Being defeated
"The love for your Pokémon that permeates every cell of your body. I accept it!"
  • After being defeated
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 and I were defeated. Your feelings, your desire to know the truth— that's what surpassed us. Battling with you reminded me of two years ago..."
"It may just be a little, but I know you better... That's how I feel.
  • To ZekromB2/ReshiramW2
"And ZekromB2/ReshiramW2… thanks for everything. My journey with you has been truly wonderful! From now on, I want you to use your power to help this Trainer realize his/her dreams."
"I know. I'll miss you, too... But your task is to help humans who seek idealsB2/truthW2. I learned so much from you. I'll do my best to tell everyone else what I learned on my own."
"'I'll be OK! I can talk to Pokémon!"
"I'll become the bridge between Pokémon and Humans! That's my idealB2/truthW2!"
"So… Rest well…"
"<Player>, I'll entrust you with this Dark StoneB2/Light StoneW2!"
"Take the Dark StoneB2/Light StoneW2 to Dragonspiral Tower!"
  • If talked to again
"Go to Dragonspiral Tower. I will… I'll search for that Trainer I battled two years ago. And… I plan to say thank you."
Season battles
  • First time
"How surprising… I didn't expect you'd come here."
"Well, that is the formula for understanding other Trainers, after all… You're OK with a Pokémon battle, right?"
  • Subsequent times
"Your Pokémon are saying they want to battle with my friend…"
"What would you like to do? Will you have a Pokémon battle with me?"
  • Before battle
Yes: "Good…"
No: "Very well… You're free to choose that, too."
  • After the first damaging, non-KO hit
"More! Let me hear the voice of your Pokémon!"
  • Sending out the last Pokémon
"For the sake of my friend who saved me, I will never give up!"
  • When the last Pokémon is at critical health
"You've got to value this time that you have to get to know each other!"
  • Being defeated
"Your Pokémon are happy… They are happy to be with you."
  • After being defeated
"I remember something ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 told me once…"
"Zekrom and Reshiram are searching for new possibilities by walking alongside humans…"
"Meanwhile, those that live in the wild try to better themselves without relying on anyone else."
"There are many different Pokémon…"
"And their different ways of living… That is the true freedom of Pokémon. That is what connects Pokémon to us."
"I will set off on another journey."
"There are still many Pokémon in the world I should talk to."
"And there is also a Trainer I want to tell how I feel…"
Dragonspiral Tower
  • After battling ZekromB2/ReshiramW2
"ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 has recognized you as the new hero. That right! As a Trainer with the will strong enough to change to world!/You showed ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 the strength of your Pokémon./You're walking away from a battle with ZekromB2/ReshiramW2? What an amusing Trainer. I have something to tell you. Go to Giant Chasm! Kyurem has returned. That's what my friend had told me."
"<Player>! The world that you desire for Pokémon and humans... I look forward to seeing how full of love that world is."
"Someday… Pokémon and humans will be bound together without Poké Balls. They will simply trust and help one another. Make that kind of world."
Ferris Wheel - Friday
  • First time
"This sure takes me back…"
"You! Ride this Ferris wheel with me!"
  • Subsequent times
"I love Ferris wheels."
"So, you there! Come with me!"
  • On the Ferris Wheel
"You… remind me of that Trainer."
"Now that I think about it, we both rode this Ferris wheel, too."
"Making dreams come true is hard… I wonder if we will meet again..."
  • After the first Ferris Wheel ride
"… That made me remember that day. … Sorry. I'll be going."
  • After subsequent rides
"Ferris wheels sure are great."
"But that can't be proved with numbers. It's the incompleteness theorem…"

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: N (Masters)
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Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"My name is N. I will show you that my love for my friends permeates every cell of my body. Behold!"
  • After being recruited (Anniversary 2021)
"My name is N. We should celebrate this special day that brought us together."
  • Sync pair viewer
"Your Pokémon... Just now, it was saying..."
"We will see whose belief is stronger... And our result will change the world."
  • Sync pair viewer (Anniversary 2021)
"I'll become a bridge between Pokémon and humans."
"Show me just what kinds of wonderful dreams you have."
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Let's see how much you love your Pokémon."
  • Selection screen (forming team, Anniversary 2021)
"Let me accompany you."
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"We did it!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Anniversary 2021)
"We've become more powerful!"
  • Upon leveling-up
"This feels right."
  • Upon leveling-up (Anniversary 2021)
"This feels just right."
  • Upon reaching max level
"My world has quietly grown bigger."
  • Upon reaching max level (Anniversary 2021)
Look how far we've come!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I've never felt this great before."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Anniversary 2021)
"I'm feeling much stronger now."
  • During conversation
"All right."
"You can count on me."
"I'm sorry."
"Give it your best shot."
  • During special log-in conversation (generic)
"Have you ever noticed the shapes and angles of Pasio's architecture? The city, the stadium... They're like a collection of elegant formulas."
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, take this."
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
"All right!"
  • VS screen
"Let's do this!"
  • VS screen (Anniversary 2021)
"Here we go!"
  • Battle start
"Let's go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Unleash your power!"
"Come on!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Anniversary 2021)
"Do it!"
  • Using item
"I got this."
  • Using item (Anniversary 2021)
"Leave it to me!"
  • Using Trainer move
"My turn!"
  • Using Trainer move (Anniversary 2021)
  • Using Sync Move
"I'll defeat any champion."
  • Using Sync Move (Anniversary 2021)
"Feel my love!"
  • Unity Move
  • Switching in
"You can't stop me."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Another friend's been hurt."
  • "Nice" emote
  • "Nice" emote (Anniversary 2021)
"Keep it up!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"I'll defeat any champion."
  • "Let's do this" emote (Anniversary 2021)
"Love and friendship."
  • "Thanks!" emote
  • Defeat
"I don't understand...!"
  • Defeat (Anniversary 2021)
  • Victory
"It's over."
  • Victory (Anniversary 2021)
"Formulas don't lie."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with N
"It's like a dream..."
"Nature on Pasio was created with a perfect formula."
"It's a utopia—the perfect fusion of black and white, of nature and humanity..."
What do you mean?/A utopia?: "The sync pairs who have gathered here are also ideal."
"Here, Trainers let their partner Pokémon out of their Poké Balls to walk beside them."
"Of course, they're still reliant on Poké Balls sometimes..."
"But this is the ideal relationship between humans and Pokémon that I have always pursued."
"This is the perfect case study for making my ideals a reality..."
"A very valuable case study indeed...and so close to my ideals."
"I have finally found hope after leaving on my journey so long ago."
"It's like I'm in a dream... Don't you feel the same way?"
What do you mean?/I don't really understand...: "I suppose you haven't realized it yet."
"Trainers and their Pokémon are bound by a strong mutual trust in each other. I feel this way of coexisting can bring my ideals closer to reality."
"Since the day I started my journey, I've been traveling with my Pokémon."
"I can hear the voices of my friends and understand their emotions..."
"But when we find something beautiful, or when we're battling together..."
"I don't hear them anymore—because our thoughts are one and the same."
"When Zekrom and I met, it was like destiny. I've felt that kind of special connection between us many times."
"I suppose that's what a bond is."
I see!/It's great you realized that!: "Yes. There were so many things I didn't see, all because I could hear my friends' voices..."
"Many people—including you—have created bonds here on Pasio that transcend ideologies and species..."
"I couldn't believe my eyes..."
"Seeing that, I've started to feel the ideals of that Trainer back in Unova weren't just a faraway dream..."
"However, not everyone is joined in heart and soul the way Trainers and Pokémon on Pasio are."
"Black and white are still not fully united..."
"That's why I'll continue my journey eventually."
"But right now..."
"I think I'll stay here a while longer and keep living this dream. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with N (Anniversary 2021)
"I see... You've been on quite the adventure, haven't you."
"Hm? Oh, it's <player>."
What're you up to?: "I was just on a walk with Reshiram to get to know it better."
Were you having a chat?: "I was just getting to know Reshiram better, that's all."
"I want to get along with Reshiram as well as I do with Zekrom."
"Did you know that, according to some old legends, Reshiram and Zekrom used to be a single Pokémon?"
"It lent its power to twin heroes, but when the heroes had a falling out, it apparently split into two separate entities."
"It wanted to support both heroes, and that's what caused it to split... What an amazing feat of love."
"Just like the Reshiram and Zekrom of those legends, I'd like to support both of them equally."
That's so nice!/What a great idea!: "Well, we're friends, after all."
"It's also my way of repaying them."
"Reshiram stayed by my side during my darkest moments..."
"When I was struggling with my relationships with Pokémon, humans...and even with Ghetsis..."
"I want to learn all about Reshiram and deepen our love."
Is it working?: "Yes, I believe so."
That's wonderful!: "Thank you. I do think it's working, too."
"Lately, I feel more in sync with my Pokémon when we battle."
"I can tell what Reshiram is thinking, even without listening to what it's saying."
"I suppose this is what a true connection is like."
"Yes, I think so too, Reshiram."
"Would you mind having a battle with us, <player>, for the sake of true love?"
True love?: "It's what we pursue."
Sure!: "Thank you. This will bring us closer to what we're searching for."
"I traveled with Zekrom, and when we met Reshiram, we battled..."
"But as we were battling, we felt a connection."
"It made me think...if human conflict is what tears Pokémon apart, maybe love from humans can help bring them together again."
"That's why I'd like to battle you. You seem to have the strongest bonds with many sync pairs here."
"By battling you, I might get closer to finding that true love I seek."
"If possible, I'd like you to help us on our quest to find this love."
"Reshiram seems quite fond of you, after all."
Leave it to me!: "I had a feeling you'd say that."
I'm not sure how helpful I'll be...: "I know you'll do great. In fact, you're the perfect person on Pasio for this."
"OK, Reshiram! It's time to battle!"
"We're going to forge the greatest love of all—one where our hearts are truly connected!"
Story Event - The Ideal Formula
  • The Hero Arrives on Pasio
"So, this is where you wanted to bring us."
"The artificial island of Pasio."
  • The King of Team Plasma
"So this is Pasio..."
"An artificial island where humans and Pokémon can coexist..."
"You two..."
  • The Ones Who Bested Alder
"Yes...thank you."
"It seems Zekrom is also very interested in Pasio."
"... ... ..."
"Pokémon battles..."
"No, it's not that..."
"A Pokémon battle is a way for us to see what wonderful things others have to contribute."
"Accepting different ideas and different beings changes the world like a chemical reaction."
"Zekrom taught me that..."
"You people are very strange."
"You know what I did in Unova, don't you?"
"I was the king of Team Plasma. We fought the Gym Leaders and the Champion. We opposed everything you stood for."
"You have every reason to hate me. I don't see why you would be kind to me."
"So...why? Why are you being so welcoming?"
"What do you mean?"
"... ... ..."
"... ... ..."
"You're different from me, Iris."
"It's not just that you can understand the hearts of dragons."
"You also understand the hearts of people."
"With you as Champion, Unova will become a place where Pokémon can live peacefully."
"Yes, I'd like that, too."
"I want to see the power of the current Unova Champion!"
"I'll surpass you!"
"You're strong, too, Iris."
"I wonder what would have happened if you had been the Champion I challenged back then."
"Hilbert?! He's on Pasio, too?"
"I'm going to see him again..."
  • N to the Rescue
"This is a world created by humans..."
"Good morning, Bianca, Iris."
"Oh? Hilbert's not with you?"
"... ... ..."
"This little one remembered your scent and led us right to you."
"I'm here to rescue my friends!"
"No matter what!"
"... ... ..."
  • A Gray World
"No. At least...I don't think so..."
"Pasio is...a prison?"
"... ... ..."
"... ... ..."
"I have traveled the world and seen much of it..."
"No matter where I went, the relationship between people and Pokémon was the same."
"What did you call it?"
"Ah yes, a gray world."
"That's how you see the world. It's not what I see."
"This world isn't gray at all. You only see it that way because you're not trying to see the truth!"
"I've seen with my own eyes people and Pokémon coexisting."
"I saw it here on this paradise island called Pasio!"
"Pokémon can unleash their true power by being with people."
"And people can discover their true potential by being with Pokémon."
"Instead of separating black and white, we must accept it."
"That's what I learned from my travels around the world!"
"The formula that makes up this world!"
"We'll protect the dreams of everyone here!"
  • No more Good-byes
"Let's do it, Hilbert!"
"... ... ..."
"This is why we shouldn't separate people and Pokémon."
"Your friend loves you. It says it wants to be with you forever."
"That's why it battled us with everything it had."
"If you make your dream a reality, you'll be separated forever."
"And yet, your friend still fought its hardest for you..."
"Instead of listening to the things I said in the past, maybe you should listen more to your friend here."
"Your Pokémon has so much love for you."
"Bianca told me you've been looking for me."
"I thought about you a lot during my travels."
"Our run-ins, our battles, and..."
"what you taught me."
"I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for you."
"*chuckle* True..."
"We are friends."
"What is it?"
"... ... ..."
"Pfft! Ahahahaha!"
"You've been looking for me all this time just to tell me that?"
"No, I'm sorry. That really was selfish of me, wasn't it."
"Let me make it up to you. I plan on staying on Pasio for a while, anyway."
"Instead of good-bye this time, maybe I should say..."
"see you soon!"
Story Event - Hearts United
  • You've Invited!
"Our hope is that we can all use this gala to express how much we love our partner Pokémon!"
"We're going to wear them when we take the stage in the arena."
  • N's Dream
"Well, uh... I'm not really accustomed to giving speeches."
"So...I suppose I'll just speak from my heart."
"Humans and Pokémon can form strong connections together. Aid one another. It's why we make the best partners."
"But in order for that to happen, we have to accept ideas that are different from ours instead of shunning them."
"Seeing Pokémon and Trainers form sync pairs, seeing how they find common ground with one another and battle together in teams..."
"Pasio is about as close to my ideal as anywhere can be."
"But darkness still exists in this world, and reality can be a harsh place to live in sometimes."
"That is why today, I want all of you to turn to your partner Pokémon and remind yourselves of the irreplaceable bond you share!"
"Show your Pokémon your true, unwavering love!"
"If all of us can do that, I believe we can change this world like a chemical reaction."
"That takes care of that, then... Are you ready, <player>?"
"As you've already seen once today, we get to choose our own opponents at the Unity Gala."
"I'd like to use this battle to express how grateful I am to have met so many wonderful sync pairs on Pasio."
"So I'd like you to—"
"I'd love to battle you both, but I can't exactly choose between you..."
"Ah, I know! Why don't have a double battle? You two against <player> and me."
"*chuckle* I'm glad we found a solution, even if it is a bit much."
"Now then, let's get this lovefest back on track! It's time to battle!"
  • Quietly Wishing
"Thanks! I couldn't be happier."
"Perhaps... But I'm my own person, and so is he."
"We both think very differently. Our goals are not the same."
"However...I'd like to wish for everyone to be happy, regardless of who they are or where they're from."
"That's the kind of love I'm capable of as a human being."
"Thank you for saying that."
"If that's true, then I owe a lot to the people and Pokémon I met back in Unova and here on Pasio. They helped me become who I am today."
"You think so, too, Reshiram?"
"I'm not alone. I have friends."
  • Like a Meteorite
"Are you curious about Reshiram and Zekrom?"
"Two regions—each with two Legendary Pokémon that played a huge role in their region's history..."
"It sounds like the myths of our homelands share quite a few similarities."
"I'd be curious to see how the tale of these two made it all the way there as well."
"Maybe Reshiram, Zekrom, and I will have to pay Kalos a visit sometime."

Pokémon Center
  • Random conversation
"When I was little, I was separated from other humans and raised by Pokémon."
"That's why I wanted to liberate them from being confined in Poké Balls."
"It was all for the sake of Pokémon—my friends."
  • Random conversation
"Humans and Pokémon alike should be freed from the oppression of Poké Balls."
"And we should create an ideal world, where humans and Pokémon trust and help each other..."
"I want to create a world like that. That's why I left on a journey."
"Eventually, I found my way to Pasio."
"When I first saw this place, I knew then that my ideals were not mistaken."
  • Random conversation
"The artificial island of Pasio is truly a magnificent place."
"The form of the land, the architecture, even the arrangement of nature itself—it's all perfect."
"Nature is normally the result of formulas too elegant to be dismissed as mere coincidence."
"To reproduce something like that, one must meticulously check their calculations for every possible variable."
"It's no easy feat, which is why I'm pleasantly surprised to see it happen on an artificial island like Pasio."
  • Random conversation
"I can hear the voices of my friends—Pokémon."
"Just like humans, Pokémon can feel emotions. Anger, sadness, suffering..."
"Your friend can feel those emotions, too."
  • Random conversation
"Battles do nothing more than hurt Pokémon..."
"That's how I understood it in the past—and why I hated battles. But I know now that it's not that simple."
"Pokémon battles decide winners and losers, it's true. Yet they do so much more."
"A Pokémon battle is a way for us to see what wonderful things others have to contribute."
  • Random conversation
"In the past, I met a Trainer whose feelings were strong enough to change the world."
"That Trainer was recognized as a new hero for wanting a world where humans and Pokémon coexist."
"I wonder how much love that Trainer has filled their world with."
"That's something I'd like to see."
  • If spoken to again
"Come to think of it, you somehow remind me of that Trainer."
"If you ask me what about you is the same, I'm afraid I can't say what exactly."
"Perhaps...it's your love of Pokémon?"
  • Random conversation
"<player>, I have a question for you. Is there something you think Pasio is lacking?"
"I think it needs a ferris wheel."
"I have no clue why such a complete and developed island wouldn't have one."
"I just don't get it."
  • If spoken to again
"I love ferris wheels. The circular motion... The mechanics... They're like collections of elegant formulas."
"Furthermore, we'd get to see more of Pasio's wonderful scenery."
"Pasio would become even more beautiful with a ferris wheel. That's what I think, anyway."
"If they ever do build a ferris wheel here, <player>, let's ride it together."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"Being with Reshiram on such a beautiful day makes me so happy."
"Reshiram's a dear friend. It comforted me when I was going through a rough time."
"You should take good care of all your friends who stay with you."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"It's important to treasure the memories you have with your friends."
"When the going gets tough, and you're on the verge of giving up..."
"those memories of your friends are what will get you through it."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"You and your friend are connected in your hearts."
"That's exactly the kind of connection that I find to be ideal."
"The two of you have come to understand each other so well."
"I hope more sync pairs can be like you."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"I'd like you to help us in our quest to find love."
"Why am I asking you? Well, because my friend seems to trust you."
"And of course, I do, too."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"Can you hear that, <player>? The voice of your friend..."
"Your friend is telling me that it's so happy to have been by your side all this time."
"And they'd like to stay with you forever."
"I'm curious about your future together. Perhaps if I join you, I could see that firsthand."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"My first encounter with Reshiram felt like destiny."
"And I also felt something special when I first met you and your partner... Something that set you apart from other sync pairs."
"Meeting you and Reshiram are both important memories that I'll never forget."
  • If spoken to again
"Sometimes when you meet someone, you just instinctively know that you're going to get along with them."
"That first impression is usually quite accurate."
"Perhaps destiny relies more on feelings than logic."
  • Random conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"<player>, is there anyone that you consider special?"
"Like a family member, a friend, a sweetheart, or even a rival..."
"I have many precious friends...and family as well."
  • If spoken to again
"If you feel love for those close to you, be sure to tell them so they know."
"I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>. Have you decided what you're going to do today?"
"Your friend is saying they're excited and that they can't wait to go on an adventure."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Anniversary 2021)
"Hey there, <player>. Where are you headed off to today?"
"I'm very interested in where your adventure will take you. If you don't mind, please let me join you."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Have you ever noticed the shapes and angles of Pasio's architecture? The city, the stadium... They're like a collection of elegant formulas."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"As someone who pursues his ideals, all I can do each day is continue to follow what I believe is my true path."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Your Pokémon... It was just saying how much it likes you—and how it's happy to be with you. "
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Anniversary 2021)
"Morning. This beautiful sunrise befits such a special day."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Anniversary 2021)
"It's the small, lasting moments, like talking to your friends, that are the most special."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Anniversary 2021)
"Good evening. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear harmonies that only ring out at night."
  • Special gift conversation
"Here, take this. I'm sure it will be helpful."
"How you use an item you receive from someone else is up to you."
"I hope that you're getting closer to achieving your ideals."
  • Special gift conversation (Anniversary 2021)
"Here's a special present for you in celebration of this wondrous day."
"I hope it comes in handy."
  • Special Hearts United story event conversation with Lillie (Anniversary 2021) and Steven (Anniversary 2021)
"I'm not sure who to invite yet..."